Friday, September 21, 2012

Once upon a time

Once upon time
she walks the street alone
her loneliness no one felt
one day she felt her hand being held
clasp tightly was another soul
looking up she saw him smile
the coldness disappear, the warmness she felt
no longer will she felt cold anymore

her tears he wipe
her joy he laugh
she wonder and wonder
how long can fate last?
but all that matters was how time is gold today

enough of the fairytale thingy..
i'm like soo bored i can write a whole full of lovey dovey gooey stuff out
but i guess i'll be offlining soon right after 8 pm.

a work of an art piece.
My half potrait.
anyway, i've been obesessing over my lips recently.
i love red lips all the time, i don't want to end up having pale looking grey sickly looking lips, its not pleasing to look at atcually.,

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