Friday, September 28, 2012

spicy or sweet

Left: Pin up my fringe        Right: side swept my fringe. hey it's getting longer!!
two different taste. Which line shall i go?

anyway, just came back from Bowling with the dudes and babes!
We had a match between boys and girls. TURN out miss ANN got the LAST one! haha...
anyway, later going for steamboat at TM Corner! ! WOO~
this is just a short brief post because obviously i have nothing to do at all

i am so bored until i can count how many ants were seen crawling around my house
i am so bored until i can hear our prime minister talking about budget 2013 on the tv for one hour
i am so bored until i can stare infront of this screen without typing anything

oh yeah, there's a seminar coming soon for my DAD's pa
my dad's friend from penang will be giving the talk
20th October 3-5pm
anyone interested, comment over here
Registration fee Rm20 for students of IJP
Rm25 for outsiders

tee hee


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