Friday, September 21, 2012

Dim Sum, chatime with the babes and dudes

(from left to right: Shi yun, Xintong, Jesslyn, shue tin, shireen, Alexer, chun Wei, Bok han, Sze Kai, Yong Kai, Shan da and Kua ci)
so i didn't know i can hang out somemore that saturday because practically, i've been out TWICE in one week, and going out that day would be the third time in a row. But i did want to join them for dim sum as breakfast so i apparently, i get the green light!
but after that, the whole group of them wanted to go AS Mall for movie and chatime..haha, guess i was tempted to go and join them too, so i text my mum to see if i can get another green light.
WEeeeEE, so before i know it, i rush back home to wash my hair and off i go to AS Mall
okay, so i read back my 2010 blog, dang, my writing style really evolve 360 degree.. I think i wrote it better back then , those kind where "my face is sooo big i can fit ten hamburgers around the area"
but now, i can't even crack those kind of sentence out . haha..
anyway, back to my weekly story

anyway, we had a karaoke session after that, and dang, you can imagine how tense my voicebox was. We sang and sang till there are no more songs on the list. haha. Anyway, it was fun though,weeee
anyway, trial exam is just around the corner. Don't ask me how my progress is, i'm UNPREPARED. But i am determined to study the hell out of BM to rub it in my form teacher's face. ( i have a feeling he doesn't really like me, and i was afraid of him giving my parents a bad feedback during report card day *fingers cross)

Last sunday, i Had the worst PP of my life.
pp: period pain
I was practically rolling on the bed, stuffing my whole face flat into the pillow (just like how an ostrich would poke his head into a hole) and bite onto any edible round thing (which to my amusement, i bit onto my Ernie's nose)
haha, this kind of situation remind me of some cannibal girl fighting againts starvation.

Recently is all about studying marathon.
you see, going to this new school "kolej Sultan abdul hamid" is a totally different environment than my school. Back in my old school, the teachers know me well, they do not shove cold stares at you like you had just drop out from reform school. I can't stand how most of the teachers in this new school send cold stares at you and practically look at me through the tip of their nose.
maybe i'm sensitive or what, but seriously, they do not achknowledge my existence.
so through performing: I failed to grab their attention.
so there's only one way to dig myself a tunnel,
that is through getting good result.
*tie a knot in my stomach to stop myself from breathing*

so of course, what is the use of talking big when i'm all here stabbing the keypad with my fingers.
anyway, My MUET result was out yesterday.
I had a Band 4 ==
as whta i expected, but anyway, i'm going to keep taking the test until i had a Band 5.
i was born as a girl
to fall in love with you~



  1. i thought u poke with fingers and stab with knife?....unless.......

  2. O.O!! hahahahaha..just to make it exaggerate!


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