Friday, September 14, 2012

imma fierce lady

what happen last week?
no? O.O? the fact that i went to school and none show up? the fact that someone stare (yes, not look) at a girl without realizing i'm just RIGHT beside that idiot?
the fact that i atcually CRIED in school? (talk about that,  my tears are gold, i hardly cries in school) or the fact that i am now living in a verge of turning utterly mad?
my emotions are a total wreck last week. PMS perhaps? or was it maturity that i'm hitting in another 10 days? HAHAHA *evil laugh*

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owkay owkay, i couldn't find a single reason why i would fret up by a mere kind of things. i have mood swings soo terrible i think i scares off people. One minute i was sooo happy, the next day i got all teared up.
but forget about that, as long as this PHRASE i'm going through will dies off soon, i will be happy indulging myself to a new perception towards life.
hopefully *sniggers*

O.O look! Shu Ping wearing my shoes! hahaha
so i tend to compare myself. i don't have that kind of die-hard legs you would go fetish over it, i don't have a nice forehead for you to look at, i don't have big eyes that would look right into you and sends your heart to a full hault,i don't have the right kind of fats in the right place.. no wonder i can't help but to put myself down.
*low self-esteem mini me*

aargh, emotionally wreck me.
what do Miss Ann scares the most?
yes, she listed that the TOP of her list.

kiss my lips! LOL!
*eyes roll*
sorry about this post, haha, it's just a nice way to express whatever ups and down i'm going through the whole week.

taddaaa! this is the swensens ice cream in Hadyai, Thailand. The price is SOOOO MUCH CHEAPPPER than in Autocity..
Goodness, its like Rm10 cheaper than Autocity! i have a hard time choosing the best ice cream to indulge myself into.

i hope the next week, my emotions will not turn into a havoc anymore.
i have ENOUGH of this week!


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