Friday, September 7, 2012

Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid : MPU night 2012

Ann Tan and Shue Tin
i took approximately 1 hour to get curl my hair and another one hour for the finish look >< i really think i look very old though..haha, but thank god after changing to my performance clothes, i feel fresh and vibrant..weee! *jump*
so that night is like a graduation party for the upper 6, they make it sounds like prom night or something. hee..
venue: sentosa Regency Hotel

we had to come early for rehearsal and sound checking.
i had four bags to take, thank god dan was there to help me carry up to our room. tadaa! (picture above) me and shu ping in our small small room.HAHA
everybody was there busy make up and dancing and snapping pictures..

our beautiful background. I LOVE this background so much, its like every prom tradition where you would walk hand in hand with your prom partner and pose for a picture before going into the hall.
but the hall and stage was quite small, not the one i would expect. haa

me and shan da..hee

atcually i feel quite unfair, there were a few girls that wore two strings, short skirts that is way beyond the limit and even no strings! O.O
don't we have any dress code and rules here? haha, if i know about that i would have wore my best dress rather than settling down with decent length dress.

a few camwhore session in the room, there's loads of mirrors everywhere for us to snap shot.

me and our class punya dai kor.
haha, can u imagine he dropped 11kg in one month?
thats amazing so he look slimmer here.

me and DanSON the Donkey.
heeeee. that is his outfit for opaa gangnam dance. anyway i think i look quite old over here =='' zzzz,

nah! a younger vibrant me! this is my outfit for my ROLY POLY dance!
the girl beside me is low shue tin which i find her super funny without trying to be funny ==''
anyway, my violin peformance was very lacklustre, cuz i couldn't move much of my body cuz i didn't bring my clip-on microphone.
so here i am, standing there like a pole while the lights blinded me.
but thank god i really do enjoy Roly Poly dance!!! WOOO!!!
despite the fact that my red pants keep falling down behind (i had to keep pulling it up before any indecency was shown to the whole crowd)
mY WHOLE GROUP of FRIENDS! (we missed out Miss Jesslyn Loh and Esther and xin tong)
they are the one that brought laughter, happiness and joy to me.

me and shue tin again!!! she is sooo funny and cute! hahaha
anyway loh ask us to celebrate alexer's birthday too. haha, it was so akward because we waren't that close to him. but we try to ! XD

tadaa! we miss out the two ladies, so here's a final pic with them
anyway, i almost KISS the VOLVO car beside me when i try to retreat my car to go home. after kissing the car (which i saw the car wobble) i freeze and drive back to my parking spot, praying hard the owner didnt see anything, and then phone Danson to drive my car out instead. HAHAHa
poor him, walk to his car ady still had to walk back to my car to help me drive my car out..
thanks yar..
i rate the whole night an 8/10

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