Friday, October 5, 2012

Coffee Box and the school baboons

I have half of my results back from last week trial exam!
apparently, it was better than what i had expect but in another words, it is still beyond horrible from being excellent.
thank god that my business subject pass and i'm so-so satisfied with my general paper.
now that i have a clear vision of what i would get for my economy paper, ha! fat chance that i'm going to get great pointers for the overall papers.
*tie a knot around my finger*
seriously? ==''

a distressed looking look
anyway, we dreaded the yellow disciplinary paper, all 11 os us were called to stand up infront of the class. at first our beloved economy teacher started to brief us about the school rules and then her high pictch voice went one octave higher and she pin point at my poor friend, shu ping beside me first. DANG, i swear she scold worst than my mum.
so i take a deep deep breath to prepare for d great scolding from her

*scroll down to read my conversation between the teacher*

Teacher: And you!? who allow you to go back? huh? Go back on your own or boyfriend sent you back!?!?!
(zzzz. boyfriend? since day one, she had always refer to me as being not available)
Ann: go back on my own
Teacher: *fierce glare*
Ann: i'm sorry...TT.TT

so the case is close, all 11 of us didn't get the yellow paper until now like she had firmly said she will gave it to us.
anyway, *scroll down if you want to know the exact story of what REALLy happens*

you see, WE went back early right after Business sub exam which is around recess time. there is no heck of a lesson after that, so what for waste your time sitting in class and stare at nothing but a complete whiteboard, right? or waste your time daydreaming at completely nothing but the dust in the air?

might as well go back home and at least do some house chores (which is worthy) or watch tv, online (which will act as a reward system for us being extremely hardworking during exam week)

just seriously tell me this is justice or not?

The coffee box mmmmm over yummy delicious scrumptous fluffy chocolate waffle with banana, chocolate syrup and whipping cream topping @ Phuket

love love love love love!!! oh sooo yummy !

anyway, i've been having GREAT mood swings these days, i get angry easily, happy easily , everything turns into a whirlwind whirlpool.
forgive me if i had become entirely illogical at the little things i get upset about
this sunday~ Domino pizza !!!

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  1. so no yellow paper?...cheh... these teachers....trying to treaten students using the 'yellow' paper....zzz...

    anyways, yea, u did break the school rules by going back b4 sch time is over. you can actually call it ponteng sekolah lar... haha :p


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