Tuesday, October 25, 2011


happy Deepavali to all my indian friends! Na une kudelikirain ( just spelling what seems like I love you =.='')..going to school is a waste of time..
the teacher see our face and we see her face and we both vomit ..
nothing to do but to pump us with exercises..i hate exercises that don't have answers, no matter how hard you do, you don't know if it's right or wrong..
it's just a WASTE of time

unpublished photo ..
hehehehe..that time my hair is so short, my eye is soo small (still small) and everybody is sooo happy..
until now..
people changed and they become like a neurotic person..of course, SPM is the factor that brought all this..
KILL IT KILL IT!!! Kill it at once!!
*stab stab stab*
ouch..i stab myself instead..

i'm catching the disease soon...


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