Thursday, October 20, 2011

Planning ahead

Ok, i guess this photo is very's my old hair photo and now my hair had grown till chest length(if you straighten it)..
and lately i think the bee is getting prettier...=.=''believe me, she will grin like a Big FAT monkey after reading this..maybe it's the hair...there's nothing wrong with the hair, i don't know why she kept complaining about it..

Firstly after Spm, i'll be going to driving school..I'm itching to drive now ..*ROAR*
and then, i want all my cha mou girls to come over my new house and we shall watch GORE SICKENING movies from night till the next morning..
Then i will go on family trips with my family to Sarawak, Kuantan and Sg
and then when school reopens, i will go on SHORT shopping trips with my cha mou girls
and then i will choosed one month to stay in SG with my sister for a month
and then i shall go get a life..or a job..or a hobby

if none of this works out, i will console myself that i still have DE blog..

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