Monday, October 31, 2011

Down the bandwagon

Its those time of the year where you dig out your old photos and start to think back what exactly happen at that moment..let me's Our Hari Raya jamuan and i am wearing a blue malay suit (mummy created it to make it look modern) with the long tight skirt below that you need to interwine it over and over again and if you're not careful it might drop off because it's more like a sari =.=''

Ah sir (Mr chan at the photo) shook my hand just two days ago and i was puzzled at this..then he said he won't be meeting me again..haha..don't worry there's always such thing call social networking

my favourite piece from Forever may look extremely familiar if you view back my old posts..i wear it quite a couple of times..
it looks big but it's figure hugging..i can hardly breathe in it though (sign of growing sideways)

exam stress..suddenly history seem like a bunch of racist item or propaganda item to spread religious act..
will i be thrown to jail for saying this?


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