Monday, October 24, 2011

Future education

They say don't play with your future..and yet, i can't believe i put Hospitality and Tourism management as my third choice for my schoolarship courses..=.=''this is insane..
and guess what i put for my first choice? Media Management...goodness, my goodness..and my parents didn't really support me in taking accountancy because i seem to have a brain of dead log..(i'm only geared to arts)

They say don't juggle with your future, and i'm now gambling with it..
daddy say choose courses that show your strong points..
what the hell is my strong points?!?
i only know my weak points..i am not geared to science subjects..
i am not geared to engineering/architecture/designing..
i am only geared to performing/music/anything that uses my right brain


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  1. ann tan! supporting u from the back. do what u love to do and make sure u r also good in it! that's the best quotes i got that drives me for my future.


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