Monday, October 17, 2011


I've got a fright of my life..
my parents thought that i was being abducted..
=.='' and indirectly my dad thought i skip tuition class in school..
i went out to the petrol station with my friends to buy FOOD
and it is not a crime..but my dad scared the living daylight out of EVERYONE
he practically yell at their face demanding for his daughter (me)

judging by his look that reminds me of the god of war during the chinese dynasty
i obediently follow him back home and prepare to hear his lecture..
and yes, i didn't told my driver that i got extra class because i thought she would knew
My fault for being irresponsible..
then somebody told her i went out with somebody's car..
so practically i know what flooded my father's brain..
"my daughter is skipping school."

and to my parents..
I don't skip school, nor would i skip classes..
if i am really that notorious, my result would show it all..
havent i done much to gain your trust?
isn't it time for me to earn it?


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