Saturday, October 15, 2011

This is me

I've got a pretty harsh comment from Jia Wen and it was about
me having no sense of my style (characteristic)..
like that hurt me a lot..but i don't think nobody understand..
and the fact she said that i wanted to be a blogger because i read about famous bloggers
the truth is, i've been aiming for that since i started blogging and THAT, as the matter of fact, i haven't known anything like Fourfeetnine or Cheeser..

and the main point is , i'm making ORIGINAL music..
that makes me have my own style..i have variations, so have others..
the VERY VERY main point is because
I WANNA be famous since i was small..
i had dreams like going into acting..just to get myself caught on tv screen..
so, whatever thing that had the word 'FAMOUS' printed on, is my goal..

and yes, i have my fault for being materialistic..
i will change that..
and i won't go green for slightest bit..
a little envy won't hurt though..


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