Thursday, October 20, 2011

small eye friends

i was called an EGG in our cha mou family..=.='' because i just can't stop eating eggs
and our group consist of three Tan , one Moy , One Leao, and One Lim
so goodness, the slowest jia wen was called a tortoise
The smartest was apparently called a STUPID
Sandy was called a nuclear bomb
shey hwa the prettiest was called xiao hua
xin ning was called niang niang (old lady?)

just half of us..( :
and Jia Wen had this book for us to write whatever thing we wanna throw at her..
so i wrote four pages long ( : drew all our funny pictures behind ..
here's our characteristics..
Jia Wen is sooo slow she had to take half an hour to finish up a packet of biscuit
Sandy is sooo obsessed over games, she can stay up all night playing games
Xin Ning is a bit rude..(she hurt my feeling quite a lot of times) but she always make jokes sooooo cold i need fifty jackets to warm myself up again
Stupid always invite herself into our class and pretended to be one of our class student..=.=''she should move to our class if she loves going crawling in it and sitting underneath looking at people's leg..
Shey hwa should be proud of her big red pouty lips..goodness, i pay thousands, millions to get her lips that forever looks like it has been sprayed with red paint

and i was taunt at being toooo over-casual, taking my pencil bag to wipe the dirt off my table..


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