Saturday, February 5, 2011

CNY day one ( :

Me,(obviously taller then my sister), kor kor and jie jie (wearing MY dress!)
Day one started off early during the midnight when i and my cousins were watching GLEE season 2...i am finally a GLEE FAN!!!curse that babyface Kurt who looked soooo adorable when he cried...

On that day, i become such a lady..after wearing dresses for the past three days, i feel like i need to stop wearing them because i am beginning to feel SICK in it...seriously,now i'm more towards faded and acid wash knee lenght skinnies..pair with crop ..NOW THATS, a girl at my age SHOULD be wearing =.=''

Can you see my vein at my hand? my little finger is atcually can't stand straight
Day one was atcually aunt's family from KL couldn't make it there's only three family at my grandma's house at PERLIs...i must salute my another aunt though, her husband drove 12 hours car of journey from Singapore to the north of that's a thumb up..i can barely ride my bicycle from my house to the sundry shop..=.=''

MY Family! with an extra new member. the girl in purple is my kor kor's girlfriend of 5 years (wow!)..and my sister still look short next to me..I'm sooo elated ( : ( :

So at night, we had our family shots and so on, spend the whole night watching GLEE and started banging my head on the wall when i found out that Kurt had a boyfriend..=.=''


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