Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY extra

Extra Pictures taken by my brother's girlfriend's brother's elder brother..
get it?hahahahahaha....*choke*
How do i rate my CNY for this year? i didn't get enough Ang Pow money..i lack of Rm60 to made up with the money i got last sad..i was planning to buy Lady Gaga with that money..hrm..
My whole family..with an extra new member in purple shirt..Kor kor's girlfriend which i had to look up 90 degree just to talk to her...

The cucu...not all are present second aunt can't come and she had three first uncle's son can't come because he had work to, there, this year NEw year,sooooo many people never come sad...looking at this picture, i seriously need a major hair cut..

The ladies...( : and the middle woman is trying to camouflauge into our generation by squating down..=.='' This year flowery clothes are way out dated get going to buy loads of earth colour tone that looks like grandma-cute ...go on, go buy those colour that make your soil look beautiful..

i've been searching for VIVI magazine February issue since last month till now..i swear i saw it in Popular, but i didn't have any money to i'm searching high and low for it, but it seem to dissappear..sooo sad! i need to buy VIVI!!! i need to know Spring's fashion season!!!
Note: If anybody happen to come across VIVI February Issue, PLEASE CONTACT ME BY TELLING ME THE LOCATION..

thank you


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