Thursday, February 10, 2011

ViVi and ME

You and I-Secondhand Serenade
finally got it, it's very very hard to find Vivi latest issue because they usually come in very late in the month..i've been reading this Japan edit Hong Kong magazine since i was 14 which didn't come in handy because i thought their clothes look too old for me..but now..
I'm lovin it
( :
forever21 brogue style ankle boots...yeap..the girls wear that..
Right now, it's winter season, so practically all the clothes i see was all either hairy or, i just skip the clothes and look at their hairs, shoes, bags and their jeans..
Spring season latest craze:
leopard prints!!
Zara's signature pants!

This is the flat base of a brogue shoes..if you wanna get it, PDI concept store has it with the price of RM 69.90..which is quite last year already, so i can't guarantee if it still has it over there...
Cape Sleeves are in trend right now, and colourful leggings with leopard prints, rainbow, stripes, whatever thing you can form of and leg warmes paired with oxford boots and so on..
Damn, those are for people living out of Malaysia..=.=''

The spectacles are back..They prefer round instead of the usual square..but it's hard to wear round spectacles in Alor Star unless you rather draw a huge lightning bolt over your forehead and pretend that you're Harry Potter.

Oh yeah, i love more painful soles and strains of ankle...Best shoes so far..
and it's every everywhere!The model is wearing Zara pants atcually..Zara had those kind of pants which i didn't know how to name that kind of i just call it Zara pants coz Zara had soooo many of them, and everyone of them is damn nice..

Boat shoes! Brown, Beige, earth tones, best colour to attack Black..

I went around searching for leopard prints and i only got this sad..
Oh yeah, their hairstyles are all shoulder length or long hair with huge volume at the bottom..
Like the model above, that's the shoulder length exact hair with big voluminize curl..

nobody bring me for a haircut
how sad..
) :


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