Friday, February 18, 2011


It suck! Lady gaga's new single suck soooo much i couldn't stay on till the end of the song...maybe it's because its soooo different then her other songs, or maybe her other songs were too good that it made this song looks like some kid trying to write his first song...
WHAT IS WRONG WITH GAGA?!!?? least she come out as an egg..i love eggs...yummy..

Neighbours ( : Childhood friend...( : We've been friends since we're both in diapers or probably stark naked around the house yelling for our =.=''

haiz, during PJ, i try out the high jump after a few pushes from my friends..and guess what?
so, i very very smart, i jump and my whole head went to the back turning more then 180 degree angle? lol...and the next day, i couldn't even move my neck..i couldn't even lay on to my pillow..i can't even stick a spoon inside my mouth! i woke up at 5 o'clock in the morning and cried and cried thinking that i might have broke my neck or my bone had dislocate..
Then after school, i cried somemore thinking how am i going to sleep that night, i can't even move any nerves connecting to my neck..
So mummy was annoyed, because it was a very very minor problem she took me to see the doctor and he gave me muscle relaxer pills and an MC!!! Yeah, ( : i won't be going to school this Saturday! yeah!!!

People need confidence to atcually look good and feel good..but whenever i saw someone beautiful, more stylish or maybe got something i don't have, i just feel like i don't belong, and i feel like i am not up to their standard and just make me feel bad about myself..
i had to chain my heart, never to have crushes, never had an attachment, never rely on someone, never even whine to my friends if i step on to an ant...that way, you wouldn't get hurt right? You wouldn't had this green feeling, blue feeling whatever colour feeling you have right? i'm just sooo afraid of rejection, betrayal, misunderstanding and blah blah blah..
well, i just have to wait till i'm  eighteen to have crushes, attachment, rely on someone and stick to friends who yell at you for stepping on to an ant..
i just have to wait..
and waiting hurts too...

why my face sooo sloppy de?
NEXT week, exam No.1...what did i prepare? i did Add math for the past previous week already and it's time to study for this so-called history...HISTORY in MALAYSIA is biased..
always siding the Asian and stabbing at the British for being selfish..
Without British, our country wouldn't be able to be rich in Rubber Trees! urgh..
So i won't be online-ing next week.., i'm going for a study hibernation with loads of books as my blanket and pillow..

From now on,


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