Thursday, February 10, 2011


King For anything-Sara Barellies
If this is life, i call it suck! My class had to finish 27 chapter of Malay Novel's Sypnosis within four days...hello? one chapter of sypnosis already fill up one full page of A4 book..and as a normal human being, we can only manage to hurt ourselves by writing down five chapters of sypnosis per day...and without further sympathize, this Malay teacher gave us two sheets of Rumusan and even ask us to RE-DO our Essay..Can you imagine re-doing your essay when your teacher didn't even take a sniff at your hand-written book??? CAN SHE EVER BE THOUGHTFUL ENOUGH TO THINK OF WHAT WE HAD DONE FOR HER AND SHE NEVER EVEN BOTHER LOOKING AT IT!?!
Hello arh, an essay is AN OPEN ESSAY...following your formula just made us think Malay language as Math formula..i thought essays are suppose to be general? that whatever you write from your thoughts, the teacher would go " erm..arh...oh.."...what's wrong with not following your DAMN points that you give us too late..c'mon larh, i wrote you an three essay and now you want me to RE-WRITE it just because i never follow your formula..

This country suppose to be a free-country!

The biggest joke Sandy ever made started with a table where four of us were eating our breakfast..Xin Ning was kicking the chair table making it go wobbly-wobbly Sandy come out with a very very very swt joke
Sandy: Luckily we live in Malaysia..
Everybody: WHy??????
Sandy: coz, if we live in JAPAN, everybody will be hiding under the table ady..
GEt it?

Yummy...XP mummy think i'm Mal-nutrition because all i eat was eggs, eggs and more, she prepare this dinner to open my appetite..
I'm growing fatter and fatter face look so round i swear somebody will pick up my head, thinking that it was a balloon..
my fingers were like hurting sooo bad..morning, i copied those pathetic sypnosis, until my fingers didn't feel like it is attach to me...then afternoon, i spend one hour and fourty-five minutes, standing straight with a violin on my left neck againts my left shoulder with my fingers streching till the extend that i heard my body crying out to stop it for further torture..
violins are a torture...whoever had survive through years of learning had overcome the greatest pain you had ever put in..

First: Your right fingers would stiff because of that straining position
Second: Your right arm would feel like someone had hammer your elbow
Third: your shoulder will ache from that tension you put on it
Fourth: Your left neck will automatically become red with rashes
Fifth: If you had short fingers like me, this is the best way to elongates your finger
Sixth: Your whole backbone will 'Creak' once you go back to normal position
Seventh: You stare in to the mirror and you will see a SICK person

Fingers Hurt


  1. couldn't agree more with the violin thingy.
    btw, I don't get Sandy's joke..?

  2. xin ning is shaking the table..
    so, to the Japanese,
    When a table start rocking,
    they tot it was earthquake
    so they dive under the table to hide..

    *Please laugh*

  3. OMG!!! That's hilarious... I've never heard a joke that ever make me laugh so hard till I can't even produce a sound. Like..
    (Ha-ha in silent mode)

  4. damn with me with my Cbox..please please

    how come i can't post a single comment on your blog?
    43 followers..i want half of your followers!
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