Saturday, February 5, 2011

CNY day two

Two cars went to Penang to meet up with papa's cousin who just came back from England..
we went to Queensbay first because we were too early...but we didn't really spend much time on shopping though..a lot of shop close including Elle, Espirit, Brands outlet, and i and my sister just went to Mng and Forever 21 and come out looking like a sad puppy..
i was eyeing on one pair of faded brown pair of skinnies at Mng..but as i think of my hair needs a new reinvention, i swallowed and let it go..

We skip lunch, and you can imagine how hungry all of us are..we practically gobble up all the cookies and junk food our host offered...then we were suppose to meet up with papa's cousin at Flamingo which is way up everyone of us slept in the car..i sleep and wake up, we are still on the same road..i sleep and wake up, we are still at that pathetic same road..=.=''

Long lost cousins? lol..we're like the third generation ..
everybody was soooo freakin hungry, and you can practically picture what happen when we were offered a free course vegetable were spared..we only go back home at 9 o'clock and when we reach Alor Star, it was already 11 o'clock..and when i look at the load of bag that i need to unpack, i nearly died out of exhaustion..

 I took this photo at other People's house..using a timer, i place it at the stairs and pose at the stairway..i can even do that at Strait Quay where other people is walking past looking at me like i had just escaped from some mental hospital..
day two: exhausting!

and with the ang pow money..i need to have a target how to spend it..
my hair is essential..i really set my head to have it crop short because i'm sooo tired of twisting my broom headed hair, and yes, when it's short, i will curl it !
and i need to have an acid wash pair of jeans
buy lots of basic T-shirt or crops because its this year season


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  1. I know right I'm way too late, happy new year Ann. And nice bag paired with ya gladiator ;)


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