Thursday, January 31, 2013

i shoot myself *bang* !

it's been ages since i set the timer for my own photoshoot.
first: i got no time
second: i had to be alone in the house to shoot it if not i'll be too shy to strike a pose
third: make sure there is no neighbor around staring at me like i'm some kind of alien trying to freeze there while the timer sets off.

Top: Nichii
lace pants: A boutique shop
Oxford shoe: Vincci
Socks: soxworld

the back of my top. 

i opened a new photo album in my facebook account called "i shoot myself *bang!*" meaning 
i photo shoot myself. 

i'm getting very frustrated here. it's another week for chinese new year and i still didn't get ANY new dress. Its a tradition for us to wear NEW clothes during the first day of chinese new year and for once in my whole entire lifetime, 

excuse number one: i didn't dare to go out with my friends anymore ever since the beauty contest because my dad did warn me not to go out that often anymore
excuse number two: my mum had totally no interest in buying ANYTHING anymore so i had give up my bugs in trying to bring me go shopping
excuse number three: too little time!

seriously what is NEW YEAR without a NEW dress? 
it's like a bird without wings
a car without petrol 
a chicken rice without the chicken
something like that.
i can't help to feel envy that my friends had tons and tons of new year clothes while i look into my closet and see none.

moody moody..
anyway been trough ups and downs this week but i rate it 4/5. 
and oh ! i finally got myself a smartphone!
not a very expensive one since i doubt my mum would allow me to buy that. but nevermind, otherwise it's better than my old phone.
way better
so don't ask me what type of smartphone i had, i'll be too embarrassed to say it out.
no iphone 5 if you're wondering.

my current cover photo in facebook~

thanks PIXLR.COM for the awesome photo editor !
love the colour filled for the photo to give a vintage effect.

seriously hope i can get myself a really pretty new year dress



  1. Beautiful pictures!


  2. lovely and cute shot
    first one was the cutest
    third was the coolest

  3. love the first pic! <3

    sweet and sugars,

  4. This is really cute! I'm soo excited about CNY , Can't wait to go home and spend time with the family. Also it's soo cute how you shoot photos yourself. I do too hah!!

    Joyce ♥
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    Sunshine & Rain

  5. Find time for photoshoot dear! Results are really cute! Keep it up :)

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  6. Haha thank you for the kind comment :) (and pretty…but cheap hehe, already starting to fall apart on me)
    I enjoy reading your blog too! You have a very eventful life it seems, and I like this outfit post ^_^ Very cute photos!

  7. Los pantalones son geniales!!!

  8. i love your pics! very artistic! following you on gfc now!


  9. nice to meet u really love ur post..
    If u would like we can follow each other and visit our blog , it will be a great pleasure for us to know ur view about our new blog....


  10. Nice blog :)


    Coline !

  11. How do you set up your self-timer camera? :) I'm having trouble doing the self-timer photography thing :(
    And i love your shoes!
    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know in my blog, please!

  12. Lovely photos x

  13. Your photos are great -so artistic! Very informative and clear I really enjoyed browsing through your blog :) Would you like to follow each other? I always follow back :) I just followed you on GFC, hope you will too :) Looking forward to more posts from you! More power!


  14. Your first picture is so cute!! The expression is priceless hahaha :) And I love your pants and the shoes! Try shopping online dear!! I think you'll be blown away with the varieties like i usually did ಠ_ಠ

    Kisses from Singapore
    ♡ Jaslin from

  15. love the pants

  16. ah i love your trousers, their so cute! And get a new dress la! Never not enough time, internet shopping ;) hehe

  17. stunning pictures! love your style!

  18. you look adorable! and i think the bang looks ok. it will grow in some time :D
    well sure it would be nice if you can get new dresses for chinese new year
    but more importantly it is the family gathering that makes the day ;)
    so don't be sad, i'm sure you can find a nice set of clothing before the day

    style frontier

  19. Hi there! you have a nice blog and you're cute. love your posts.
    The first pic is the cutest! :)

    Followed you via GFC and bloglovin. Hope you can visit my blog and follow back too. ^_^

    DAINTY CHIC by Loila L.

  20. Your outfits are all so super adorable! I really like this top. Btw the top with the black collar you wear in the background, where is that from? It's so cool xx

  21. Wow! These photos look so stunning!! <3

    Im a new follower. Hope you can follow back. :)

  22. wow nice photos ! i like it!
    Maybe we follow each other !?
    Let me know :)
    Greetings <3

  23. so beautiful, i love that angel and the photography :)

  24. These photos are so pretty and artistic!

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