Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Big Day part 2

tadaa!! as i promised, i will totally update this big night of my life!
here are all the pretty ladies for the finale of this competition. i was soo excited to try out the gowns because obviously it was my first time dolling up.

after announcing the final top ten, we were rush to this wedding shop at simpang kuala called "bai nian hao he" whom sponsor us 10 beautiful gowns for each of us. i didn't have much choice to choose because i was slow and choosy at some point. but well, beggars can't be chosen.
obviously, with not much of a booty, i had to go upstairs and had it adjusted. they make the top op the bust there as tight as possible so that you won't experience wardrobe malfunction when you're up stage.

after rushing to get our make up done, this is our opening dance which we had practiced six hours. Thanks to UNIQUE dance studio for teaching us!
the song: Hey Girl- B1A4

each time we had this catwalk, we must walk on this red carpet thingy with the CRSM opening the lane for us to walk trough. i love strutting my way trough there!

tadaa! our dance! 
if you can atcually spot me, i'm the one at the (computer screen left) end.
and oh yah, we all have "bird nest" hair sticking right behind our heads.

and i did one terrible mistake. i went too forward and tadaa, the ending pose where i was really TOO out of the place from my group. T.T
not to mention, i feel sort of LONELY overthere too..haha!

speaking my biodata! seriously, i can't recognise myself here.

strutting the sporty look! we were all suppose to bring our sports equipment. 
some took squash , some even took golf sticks, dumbells too!! and even do a little kung fu!
i was partner with this girl who has a leg to die for. she was sooo thin i feel like a fat elephant beside her! definetly feel some tension being partner with her, but hell yah, she was really friendly. 

our ending poses together.

the pretty host and hostess
bobson and kie kie ..erm..(did i spell correctly? )

the moment we had all been waiting for! wearing our gowns!!! that moment where everbody would transform to become pretty brides!
first up: contestant number 1
the youngest of all 20 of us.
and honestly, she did extremely well judging by young she is! she's only 15!

tadaa! this was one of my favourite gown!
red booms everything. i jot it down in my future wedding planner.haha
contestant number two : phoebe
she's the oldest among us (doesn't look old) and she's really friendly.

tadaa! contestant number 3 : albee
my partner for the catwalk thingy? pretty babe who has a rose drawn on her back.

and me, ANN TAN. contestant number 4. somebody told me i didn't choose the right dress, so i was pretty disappointed. 
but well, again, beggars can't be chosen. i still feel like princess .

contestant number 5
this girl is one load of personality. so it is not surprising she is the CHAMPION for the competition!
and she has a figure of a model, no kidding.

contestant number 6! this cutie pie!! haha
she has a really sweet smile and i use to buy food from her parents store.
tom yam mee! yum yum!
she got 4th place in the competition

my darling friend esther! contestant number 7.
the only special and one of a kind dress. i had only one word to describe it

another of my darling friend, shi yun!contestant number 8
i keep saying if her boyfriend sees her in this dress, he would marry her tomorrow. 

contestant number 9, another cutie pie with the sweetest smile i've ever seen.
no surprise, she got 3rd place in the competition, plus she's a vegetarian!

between the gap of the result, they gave prizes to all the important people and guests and well everybody involved! 
the lovely judges.
From left: (guy with blonde hair) famous hairstylist, Derrick Kee, Ice Ku the dance instructor from Unique dance studio, Miss Katerine Loo from Swiss Loo, Mrs Malaysia from Cheah Dance Studio, Pola Cosmetic boss, our beloved catwalk instructor.

this is the winning talent contestant!

she even got two prices! one for miss most talented and miss popularity! 

miss facebook popularity!

a fat rounded picture of me for miss most wise? erm..something like that. 
didn't know i would bag that prize seeing that i've answered the question in pure english.
and of all 10 questions, this is the ONLY question that i didn't even look at , or prepare before hand.
did it impromptu like a boss.
i spend most of the time didn't know what i was bragging about anyway.

miss Care heart? hahaha
lucky girl!

another price for bagging 6th place in the competition.

the obvious final two. i've already know it from the start that either one of them will bag the winning title.

and tadaa!! the winner!!!
congrats !

the three of them! awwhhh.

and the expensive crown the winner get to wear. 
*envy envy*

but anyway! this was a really great experience! special thanks to Pola cosmetics for doing our make up! D'style saloon for doing our hair! Unique Dance studio for teaching us how to dance! our pretty teacher for teaching us how to strut the catwalk! and most of all, thanks to YMM for giving me this priceless opportunity! 
i salute those ymm members that work day and night just to make sure this competition works out without any flaws.

i'm elated for getting this experience, no doubt my parents didn't bat one eyelash over me joining it. 
but hey, it's a platform towards my passion!



  1. lovley photos!
    The gowns are huge

  2. well i think you did you best and you have won a major category there
    i must say your very lovely on that gown

  3. Wow this looks like so much fun!
    I love all the girls dresses :)
    Great blog by the way :)

  4. Lovely pictures! You all looked like princesses :-)


  5. Awww you're all gorgeous! Love the gown you wore dear! You're so pretty. :)
    Nice contest I guess and good job for bagging that prize! Congrats still! :)
    More to come I hope!

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    ❤ ~Chai

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  16. It looks so fun! Well done on 6th place :D hehe, very pro!


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