Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life of an epic violinist

credits to my class monitor, Wei Chee for taking this with his photo app! i have to do a lot of poses in about a few seconds so this is the result of it.

so what is life after the beauty contest? first you get rewards! i've just went to the furniture shop called CLASSY GLORRY to "spend" my Rm200 voucher on furniture. in the end we got a special kind of floor seat after searching around at that expensive yet HUGE amazing furniture shop ( i wouldn't like to call it SHOP since it's like so huge i'll get lost in it)
as for the two boxes of tea, i doubt my dad had drank it all though.
i still have a Rm500 worth of 3 days 2 night trip to any hotel if i buy a LG smartphone.

me, akwardly writhing the wire out of my way while walking.

January is not really a month for me

first: i've been through soooo many fights!
second: I've miscut my stupid fringe bringing my face to pizza size
third: after the competition, my forehead pimple started to pop up again. i think it's because make up destroyed my skin
fourth: My phone died (the touch skin just went dead)
fifth: i'm so broke! the petrol is killing me
sixth: no fate

One pose. can't wait to get the disc for the whole performance! i probably *face palm* myself after watching how awkward the whole thing is.

after going through sport practice last Wednesday, i knew, i TOTALLY knew, i will be two shades darker. 
other than struggling or barely holding up a 5kg ball to throw, i ended up having two sore legs today.

snap snap snap. one with my hair still intact, another with my hair undone.
Left: me with Dan Right: me with chicken

a group shot with the judges!
why i'm so small here! T.T

anyway! chinese new year is coming up! it is a practice where you have to buy new clothes to wear during Chinese New year. 
i didn't have mine yet! and it's about 18 days to go till i reach that date!!
*biting my nails furiously*
when oh when can i go shopping?!?

anyway, besides learning how to play monopoly cards, i guess school is pretty interesting IF the teachers supposingly didn't enter class.
fat chance



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  2. you really are cute,
    and what a classy, adorable talent you have

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  6. what app did you use? So cute! :)

    Jamie Kate

  7. Of course I want
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  9. Love the shots of you playing violin!
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  11. You must really be really tallented! :)

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  14. You look pretty cool playing that violin, opposite of awkward, for real.

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  16. Oh, you look fabulous. This dress has a nice colour.

  17. Woah you look so so beautiful! The colour of your dress is gorgeous!! *_*


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