Friday, January 18, 2013

my new hair and look

just after facial complimentary for joining this bright model competition!
and a picture of my bangs.
OKAY, last night was the bomb,but i didn't take my camera with me, so i'm only waiting for someone or ANYONE whom got pictures of me in my final top ten model show. so, be patient!! i'm sure i will post about it!

the arch of my new eyebrow.My hair is getting really long already, maybe i will go and curl it right after chinese new year when i get ang pow  for extra money! the car petrol money is sucking all my money out from my wallet!!! T.T
anyway, i have a big tendency of writing what happen last night, but i just can't because i do not have pictures of it!!! T.T so it's not relevant with my post today.

scrunching my face.
okay, so i wanna talk about what happen last week instead .
i was getting ready to go to spa, i knew i told my parents the day before that.
but the next day later did my mum found out that going spa, you have to wear nothing but a towel. i see why is that a big deal, since it's a beauty parlour with only female at present, and i'm not going alone, i'm going with my classmate. 
but i guess i can feel my mum being paranoid about it, so i phone her in the middle of going there. guess, it all came to "QUITTING THE COMPETITION"
can u imagine that?!?! i cried my eyes out in the car.
bawl, burst out into tears, from afternoon till night.
i was in the room the whole night, didn't want to speak to my mum, because she would have just told me not to go before that, or maybe NOT TO EVEN JOIN THIS COMPETITION FROM THE BEGINNING!i have come so far, nearly a month, and i can't have the heart to pull off this thing!

i phone my sister, bawl at her, and by night, she manage to persuade my mum and yay!! three cheers to my darling sister! she's always my life savior.
my mum had a heart to heart talk on why she couldn't support me in it.
so i understand, but at least i can still GO AHEAD with the competition, but my parents won't be there.

okay, i think i look extremely funny or ugly here.
just focus on my eyebrow!
love it thick and beautifully arch.
thanks Pola Cosmetics.

so i receive a lot of people asking me how's the result last night. i appreciate my fellow friends that stick with me from morning till night to watch me! thanks!!
but some couldn't make it at night, so they remain clueless on what happen.
this is what i have won!

Left: Zhui Jia Zhi hui jiang (miss smartest?) really?..really really?, i didn't even dream of that!! NEVER! but i'll update what really happen on that night when i got the pictures!
right: number 6.
so ya, i got number 6 out of 20 beauties.

tadaa!!! i love this! ! this is what i have dream of wearing the whole time, minues the tiara ( i didn't win the first, so i don't have a tiara)
but nevermind, it was a great ultimate experience!
for a miss shorty!



  1. woow.. i think u cute girls :) and extremely funny.,
    hi., u got a mazer. :)

  2. Things can only be better. And at least you are very cute :)

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  3. Nice blog
    I follow you now

  4. Zhi hui means wise larrrr, miss xDD

  5. Wow your new look is really pretty ! And good luck for the competition as well :)


  6. Thanks for stopping by! Couldnt find you on my follower list :/ I'm following you though! Lovely post!xx
    Love, Laxmi.

  7. congrats! you deserve that award my dear

  8. Nice photos ! You look so cute ! Kiss x

  9. Thanks girl :)
    I love your hair <3

  10. congratulation..

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