Friday, January 18, 2013

the big day PART ONE

this is it! the final day for 2013 bright young girl modeling contest? har, i really don't know how to translate it into english. this is the bright stage!
i have to wake up as early as 7.30am to get myself going to AS mall to get my hair and make up done.
it's going to be a very very , trust me, very very long day.
of course, i do not put too much hope on anything. i didn't even think of getting into the final top ten.

the beautiful and stylish judges. 
after one month period of great training and grooming (from catwalk classes, make up lessons, spa treatment, facial treatment, and everything)this is the VERy final day!
everybody was rushing to get their make up done, trust me, it was a long and painful process to just sit and wait patiently while you know you still have heaps of things to do after that.

first walk, we were suppose to wear this orange and red t-shirt. goes up stage and introduce ourselves. seeing that my mandarin language really sucks, all tangled over, i decided to go trough the safe pace by speaking my "about me" in pure English.
so here it goes

"good morning to all the audience and the fellow judges! i'm contestant number 2 , my name is Tan Wei Ann (although i prefer Ann Tan) and i am 19years old. I live in the land of paddy field which is Alor Star, i am currently still a student studying in my upper 6. My hobby is to write songs, write blog, and play my musical instruments. my life philosophy is that i want to be successful in what i am passionate about, and that is blogging and music. i know the road towards that is hard and tough, but when there's a will, there's always a way. i hope i can get a PHD in my music course, so all the audience out there, i hope you can feel my passion for it, vote for me! thank you"

no kiddin,g we're suppose to say our biodata according to NAME, AGE, LOCATION, OCCUPATION, HOBBY and LIFE PHILOSOPHY.

i'm so short T.T
but still not the shortest, thank god!

i'm so short T.T
those ladies up there ranges from 15-20 years old. i can't believe i have to say i'm 19 years old even though i didn't pass my birthday yet, but , oh well, it's just an accustom to them.

the final top ten!!!! i was one of them!!!  can't believe it!!
no wait, seriously, they must have make a mistake, those who didn't get are like superb! but later did i found out that they wasn't looking for a model worthy girl, they're looking for someone who has this "BRIGHT" personality, because that is what the competition is about. But of course as the competition goes on and the final result were revealed, LOOKS does matter too.

my talent show. LOL i was nearly in tears when they told me my wire wasn't long enough to reach the stage. after begging with my eyes, the chairman decided to let me perform it on the floor, right face to face with all the judges! 
but my clip on microphone quality was TERRIBLE. (cheap thing, i didn't have much money to buy a better one)
all the while , i can hear banging sounds when i go too over the board with my violin.
but i heard cheers when i started dancing while playing oppa gangnam style in heels.
guess it was the toughest and craziest thing i ever did.

(the host were saying "oppa vanna style" and i was like O.O?!?!?! i guess she read it wrongly. it is suppose to be oppa violin style though T.T

the scoreboard for another type of award. Miss Popularity .
i didn't get much though, around 20 red stickers while the winner has 103 stickers.
big diff eh?

in the newspaper!!!

this is part one! the final was at night where we get to wear beautiful wedding like gowns! i post about it later!!!



  1. good luck in the competition :)
    great post

  2. best of luck!
    i know you can do it

  3. Ahhh do you have the video of your performance???

  4. Ahhh do you have the video of ur performance????


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