Friday, January 4, 2013

babes and booties

hello guys! sorry for the late update! school started so i can't blog frequently!
sorry *sad*
anyway, this is the previous activity conducted by YMM for our 20 model finalist! well, most of us is without make up, so for the first time, i see all the others without their make up.
my honest opinion, they look much better without make up.
no offence anyway.

we are going to learn our dances for the opening act on the 18th of january (which is another two fingers biting weeks)
this is the studio. we had free dancing class from this sexy pretty teacher at UNIQUE studio!
the first time i step into that studio. first impression: woots! mirrors everywhere! i likey!!

okay, spot me, i'm the red shirt girl with the red band. after staring at so many girls with real booties (as in like butts!) i feel totally flat.
seriously, i just realize how flat i was, not only front, but the back too!
for crying out loud, look at both side of the girls beside me! okay, i don't want any J.LO or Kim Kadarshian's bum, i just want something to stick out so that i can wear a bondage dress without looking like someone had ran over my backside.

(did i just tell the whole world i had a flat backside ?yikes~) 

a whole row of us looking attentively at our teacher for the steps.
we danced HEY GIRL -B1A4 , nothing too hard, just simple steps, turns, and some shaking and posing.

camera shot. one thing i can tell from the shoot, is that we're all station, and our teacher is dancing fast.

erm, a sort of levitation.
at least this levitation shot, my face wasn't screw up like i use to do it all the time.
we had to do this ballet kind of steps  for one part. 

and this move was literally well known all through the dance. my friend, shi yun said this is the "wipe the window move" where your hands go up down up down simultaneously.

i see this, i just realize...why i'm so...small?!?
oh wait, is it because i don't have..much booty? zzz..i have fats  in the wrong place. my stomach looks like an inflated balloon, i hate wearing shorts, because my big thigh would show, seriously, if this is not public enough, i might write something more offensive here, but i guess i just have to put a full stop here, before i go too far .

i'm vain, i get it, YAY, trash me with all your negative comments of me not being not contented of my body.

all of us. 20 of us..we come in all shapes and sizes. tall short, a bit of plum-ish, stick thin.
i'm not hoping much to earn a really high spot for this competition, because competitors are tough. I think mostly tall girls stood out and had more personality. i'm too small to be noticed. 

but i'm aiming for only one , since i've already come so far, with lots of efforts, i'm eyeing on the MOST TALENTED award.

current profile picture.
erm, not really a nice picture of me. i'm so wrinkly and my eyes cannot be seen. 
the only reason i put this is because i dare someone to put it up too!
haha, so it's going to be another month till i change my profile picture again. and oh yeah, did i mention i cut my long disgusting fringe?
it's now a really short bangs 

*a lot of people said that i look better with long fringe.
but i look like a total wreckage when i went to school on the first day.
out of frusration, the minute i reach home, i took the scissors and snip my fringe off.*

one long lost picture, re-edited using .(under vintage mood)

i have a lot of feedbacks from fellow friends about my hair. the first person to caught sight of my short bangs was none other than Dan, who said i look really funny, and at the end of the day say i looks kinda cute. (don't know which to believe ><)

a few said i look younger (which is what i want to hear, after being constantly compared to my 7 years older sister that i look older than her)

a boy said my face looks like a PIZZA with that bangs.
(which is another way of saying my face become really FAT and FLAT)

thats all.
tomorrow, i had a catwalk lesson to attend!!
wish me luck!



  1. well you'll be more in shape for that,

    nice pic by the way

  2. lovely post!xo

  3. Happy new year! You look gorgeous, very inspiring outfit!


  4. I like your hair both ways! Bangs are always confusing for me too and I once chopped mine off by myself too! (not a good idea since I overchopped them)

    That dance class looks like a lot of fun! Good luck on learning your dance!

  5. Nice post! I have not seen many day in the life posts and I really like these! And don't worry we can totally trade butts lol! Jk! I use pixlr too! Because picmonkey is now charging... Grrr lol! Thank you so much for your comment, we can definitely follow each other, I follow you now!

  6. Hey there Ann! Thank you so much for following and sharing! I was very pleasantly surprised. :) Your life is interesting to read about, and you're really talented musically. Good luck in the competition! Have more faith in yourself ^_^

  7. i love hearing your stories and good luck :D

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog dear !
    i'm an indonesian but currently study in malaysia :D

    btw i love that boots wedges :P
    sure i'll followed back ;)


  9. This is a really fun post Ann :D thank you for the comment on my blog, I'm a new follower and I'd love it if you followed back.

  10. what a lovely piic i like the photos of the dance group

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  15. love your blog it's so pretty! we could follow each other, what do you think? :)

  16. ahahaaha really you're NOT flat and not like a pizza with bang :D
    hahaha youre gorgeous really.
    especially in your last photo ❤

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  18. i need to get back to the gym.
    gorgeous girls, looks fun.

  19. wow this post is so much fun! randomly stumbled upon your blog, you share the same name as one of my friends!

    aside from that.... youre blog is very sweet. keep it up girl!

    makenna from

  20. Hey I've just descover your blog and I Love it, and I love your style! I'd really like us to stay in touch :)
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  21. Nice red jeans you got there :)


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