Friday, February 8, 2013

favorites Chinese New Year 2013

me, flying up high self shoot myself with Nikon p510 . 
if i am not mistaken that dress is from my favourite blog shop
which i will detail review it later after chinese new year.

i rant about not having chinese new year clothes right? so that day i had a shot of going to this night market. 
i didn't find any nice clothing piece but i found this awesome accessory from VINTAGE WARDROBE.
i had a shock of my life when i saw that this facebook shop i use to view is just right before my eyes.
so i bought this after much fussiness  for Rm23

i appeared in Emcee Couture blog! ahahah
didn't know she would choose me out of hundreds of satisfied customers!
ya, i'm wearing one of her pieces. 
ok here's a full detail of what is Emcee Couture

Emcee Couture is a blog shop and the owners CREATE her own clothes
CUSTOM MADE it to fit your body.
sounds awesome right?
you will have clothing that fits you like a great apple pie.

this is one of her new February creations!
i always love peplum but most of the peplum i wore from stores seem weird around my waist. 
i bet with a minor customization, this will fit me perfectly!

Crop top

lovely peplum top again

"Minor Customization."
Minor customization to existing creations.
For example you can request for different lengths,different fabrics,slight size changes etc.

"Full Customization" 
You could send me a picture of an apparel that u wish to own and we'll have a discussion to make it happen =)
The charges and whether it is achievable of course depend
1.Type of design
2. Level of difficulty of the design.
3.Type of fabric 4.Design of fabric 5.Sizes

And the charges quoted will be inclusive of:
1.Material(fabric and lining etc)
2.Accesories like hidden zipper,buttons, laces etc
5. Sewing

copy paste*

she even appeared in the newspaper!!

lovely!!! go on! click on the links!! you won't regret it!

and a final picture to end the day before stepping into chinese new year!
will have pictures of the great celebration!!!


my day this week
skip school (with my parents permission) because i didn't want to join the running marathon in school
so i went to the library to do my general paper project work
ended up having a 30 minutes shopping for nothing
drove 15 minutes to BLACKBALL for some taro balls and wintermelon ice shaves
drove to see my aunt
what a big day that Tuesday!



  1. nice dresses :)

  2. nice outfit! kung hei fat choi!

  3. lovely dress! i love also the shoes! ^^,

    DAINTY CHIC by Loila L.

  4. Gorgeous Dresses:)

    I have a new outfit post, would love to know what you think:)

  5. Love those dresses, great and inspiring post. :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Follow me if you want and I'll be happy to follow you back. :)

  6. ty for ur comment on our blog dear... Followed u via gfc (name good taste of life)... Hugs,

  7. the necklace is gorgeous!!
    great post

  8. Wow! That's cool for you to create your own clothing Ann! Great sharing!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai too! :)

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    ❤ ~Chai

  9. I love your outfits! :)

  10. Happy Chinese New year dear! :) thanks for dropping by my blog.... I followed you btw! :)


  11. Happy CNY!
    love your dress :D
    anyway i just following your blog.
    hope you can follow back mine and keep in touch ^^


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