Friday, October 5, 2012

Peplum clothes galore

my all time favourite sexy lip singer : Lana Del Rey in H&M
that peplum blouse on her cost Rm59.90
i done a bit of catalogue shopping just now and got all these favourite
ooze out cutesy peplum which i consider really really adorable

 this remind me some sort of pin up girl style where you would look super cute with tight colourful contrast shorts or long skinny colourful shorts pair up with pumps.
and on my own account, i always add my own signature piece which is bunny headband! haha^^
different types of peplum.
so you guys should get the idea what is peplum right now right?
some people would say it make their hip look bigger, but i guess its just how well you pair it up with.  

 oh sooooo cute peplum skirt! ^^
peplum shorts! but i don't really like the fact that the back of the shorts seem a bit funny for my liking though.

 super super cute bow peplum blouse from Zalora~ the online shopping spree.

and well, topshop peplum.
i have only one peplum blouse at the moment which somesort look like the peplum above (picture) in a different type of colour pattern.
peplum is girly, is cute, is oh soooo hard to resist.
i'm gonna get more of these even though i know this may be summer trend.

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