Friday, October 12, 2012

born to be beyond extraordinary

Domino's pizza~~
last sunday was my first time meal at domino's (even though the one in KL had a classy dining table, over here at AS is more like a fast food counter..zz)
the fact that you have to wait in line for half an hour and wait another half an hour for your food to arrive is really a pain.
so we spent bout 20 minutes in Guardian looking at face products instead.
haha, i love to look at products after products without buying anything.

the new york crust was just nice, but the fact that the crust is thin, it couldn't fill up our stomach though. by the way, the breadsticks was infact nice ^^

bowling session. That was ages ago, but i just manage to upload it. Haha..
anyway, i got back all my result already! my pointers were beyond expectations but enough to get me into a university though. But as everyone said so, it is just a trial exam.

and the con side for our batch was like they drop a bunch of new born babies into the middle of the ocean. Some may drown while some lucky ones will resurface again. So yar, this is how it goes for the new system of our form six.

our class photo 2012. Pra U1 Omega!
a lot of people eh? Our class had once reached 50 students, but thank god some got away to other learning instituions and yar, this is pretty much how many of us are now. and if you can spot me, i'm always with the prominent ribbon and had a left side gravity high ponytail.

unpublished photo~~ hahahaha..the day at MPU night~ girls doing the make up
i think that time PAST really damn damn fast. I thought it was just yesterday that i went to muet tuition ..zzz and now after tomorrow, i had to go muet tuition again. anyway, last wednesday, i and a few schoolmates were called (without give any notices) to do a trial muet speaking test.
WoOts~ O.O
i think some of them did really well, but in the end, huh? you got to be kidding me right? i got a high band five for the overall speaking test.

i have a sudden rush to go curl my hair once it reaches over chest length.
yaya, here i go again, destroying my hair with the hot iron and chemicals.
but,ann needs money of course to do that.
i'm tight of it right now after estimating a total amount of Rm43 every 10 days for petrol . haha..== and by that, i'm only left with Rm7 for my weekly allowance.
great, oh great, i really need to stop spending and start saving.
 blazer with LBD
what's install for my school holidays then?
going to Singapore to see my sister (check)
going to Kuantan to see my brother (check)
goint to Sabah to fulfill my mum's wish to shop for baskets over there (half check)

not to mention, i've saw the map of LEGOLAND. it was like INCREDIBLE!
i mean, of course all those pamphlets are meant to be too good to be true, but dang, who doesn't want to go to somewhere new right?!?
*sigh* wish i can go ..HEE

i suppose to wear this to MPU night, but i change my mind after i realize my back is far too revealing to wear it out infront of the teachers.
countdown 3 weeks to STPM !
why couldn't i get the hinge to get my heels start kicking to study madly like i did last year for SPM huh?
is it because my brain was left rusty for six months or the fact that everything in form six is just too hard to absorb .
my face started popping pimples (other than my forehead) already ==
two on my right face and one on the chin.
oh great, just oh great.

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