Friday, October 19, 2012

a potrait of a fierce lady

does it matter if you work hard and get something you doesn't want in return?
does it matter if you relish every moment you have right now just to know it's forbidden?
does it matter if i just shut my eyes and pretend that i have already past these stages of life?
yar, it all matters.
hello bloggie readers, i've been dealing with a whole mood of trainwreck
not to mention sudden mood swings that could kill a flying bird by just glaring at it
my left eye kept jumping. i went through the diagram and found out that its an indication that i will be happy, but hell nt, i have been crying for the past three days continously.
 1.i confronted what i don't like
2nd. mummy growl at me
3rd. my dad was disappointed in me
my long locks of mane *love*
i don't cry literally outside. Its hard to spill tears outside, but at home, those tears come like a ready waterfall. i'm a grown up young lady, but why am i getting more and more sensitive over such mere little things.
if this is a phase i'm going through, then make it fast.

haha! a funny photo to bring up my mood.
school is getting ridiculously boring. The only lesson that i'm atcually paying attention is see, this is what you can do in school all day long

1. daydream about your prince charming
2. stare at your phone wishing it is a smartphone
3. try reading your book eventhough the noise pollution caused is worst than the spectators in a yankee stadium. (if you knw what i mean)
4. try to count how many pimples you had on your face
5. walk to the toilet even though your bladder is empty and you don't mind rolling down four stairs and climbing it up again
6. sing an annoying song just to see the mad expression of your friend's face
7. search for anything edible even though you know you had gain a lot of weight and you know your stomach is not hungry

 wooo~ miss ann~
erm...i'm having this BIG exam in another 17 days (oh yeah)
i don't know whether to laugh, or cry or to just sit there and act like statue of liberty.(if i do feel that free..hhuh!)
seriously, i am more excited what to do after exam than to sit for the exam.
but judging by the amount of huge volcanoes on my forehead, somebody got to know i'm stressing about this so called exam.

My class! if you can spot me, i'm the one with the sleepy eyes!
o yea, i caught a stomach bug again today~~~
but i still went for breakfast with the dudes and one babe to eat Alor star famous pan mee!
meow~ so i won't be going out for a very very long time till STPM .

anyway, i'm gonna do something major to my hair this december.
i don't know how, but i'm just gonna change it for a new 2013 year.
owkay, i'm sorry if i didn't get to update for the next few weeks.
as i did mention before, i had a huge test coming up in another two weeks!
this lady gotta do something before her parents growl at her for disappointing them.

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