Monday, October 22, 2012

decipher this mood and i give you a hug

 just when u are able to sit down and heave a sigh of relief, 
you were told to get yourself up, move ! stop lazying around, do something!
and i just sit there and started pouting till i vent everything out on one single text and a post of nothing but a pure teenage angst.
how long am i going to sit here and be "babied" around
be carried on with just a piggyback and getting unwanted walls when all i can say is that
no, thank you! i'm eighteen with a full fist of breaking free.

 totally dig this!

owkay, so i guess this is another one of those growl moody post ..again..
if the stress is coming around, it's getting right into my head.
thankfully i have enough to deal with , not to mention a few kiddie tantrum would do the trick. but in these four corners of the wall, those kiddie tantrum were all unheard, ignored, left aside, 
that is why being left in an open space is much well enjoyable. 

 and that is why i call this post hard to understand though.
funny thing is, we tend to grow up and think back at what childish thing we had done to make your parents pluck all their hairs out with one fist.
i jokingly said if this was a phase of growing up, i rather be stuck with my pacifier or carry a wooden stick.
i get to learn that the best thing that ever happen to me was that i let go of the past.
and all the past was nothing but a rotten full of unfortunate events. i griefly quote that if i spend another year returning to what i had just jotted down this year, i would say the exact same thing.
nothing but  unfortunate events.

 i found a safety net hidden below my thoughts. 
yes, that both arms are going to carry me on and accompany me through this tough tough year. though i still stuck with a great depth of moods that could blow this net away, it was unintentionally as the more i jump, the greater thoughts would be implanted to you. Somehow words seem sooo easier said than done. 
just by canoe-ing with both arms, i would be able to go over the horizon without drowning in my dreams.
 and yes, there were times i feel totally leftout.
not to mention those talks and silent giggles would sent a cold shiver at my bone wondering if whether those mock laughters were meant for me.
just to grab a few hunch, asking why and what happen sores my throat and eagerness. and just like i have been asking myself repeatedly soooo many times each year, why oh why couldn't i fit into the nicest bottle of my world

 sorry for the illogical and insensitive brickbats i threw to you.
looking in a pessimist way is not what i should be doing. 
a million times i told, i would tell what i loathe and what i dislike, 
but a million times i failed as i couldn't get my voice box or hand to do the trick.
forgive me for the sorry ways , even though it has been a thousand times since .

 cutesy is not a crime.



  1. erm....mood of dont like to be controled since u think u are old enough to enjoy FREEDOM and make ur own decisions? :)
    well, look at it this way, once u r done with form 6, u'd move out...have as much freedom as u want...but are u ready to handle that freedom? :)
    just enjoy life wherever u are! :D

  2. thanks for your comment cutey :):*


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