Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Put back the light in my eyes

Its the start of a BRAND NEW RAYA school holiday! woooo
There is two or maybe three things that i look forward during this holiday. that is going to my FIRST (with only friends) to penang and My four days three night up on the cruise to all sorts of island.
*bite my nails*
i badly need to find myself a sandal, a sunblock .
now looking at my luggage, i've LACK a whole lot of damn thing man ><

my stuck up face.
anyway, what happen for the past few days? well, they are busy preparing for the MPU night. (MPU- Majlis Pra-u) and of course there WILL be performances. So that monday,i and my friends stayed back to dance THE BOYS- Girls Generation. it was the FIRST time i Dance again after three years and it was undeniable that i am AWFUL.
so i came to a conclusion: i am no longer the small little girl whom she used to stand infront of any hindi movie and dance together with the actors and actresses.
nah-ah! i am beyond awful, i am hopeless! hahahahaha

But they decided to cancel of The BOys because we don't really have much time to practice on. So that Wednesday (which was just yesterday) we were atcually going to dance this agogo(1960's) dance. but then in the end i don't know what click my friend Yong in dancing Roly Poly-T-ara. aiik..
that song i enjoy it very much though (or maybe there wasn't anyone there to laugh at me XD)
we manage to dance till the chorus part and i've already had a bucketful of ideas what will seem to be the BEST costume we are going to wear.

and there are another particular dance i am soo intrigue to watch.
i got really excited after my fwen choon xiang decided to learn it and teach us.
can't wait (even though i'm totally slow )
and then i finally think that i'll be playing a violin cover on Secret-one republic. I couldn't decide whether it's going to be Lovey Dovey or Secret, but then after all the K-wave, i bet the teachers would like to hear something else.

Dark or bright, i still see your smile
shining white im sad for a while
but everytime i lit my face when i saw you
darling best we don't take a rest
i'm happy giving u all the best
so take my hand and i show you my world~


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