Sunday, August 5, 2012

31 days

Woo, i finally get to online after 10 sickening days. did i mention my maxis line is broken too that i can't text at all ?!? i sent 9 identicals messages, and none received! LOL!..and the internet broke down for the past 10 days. the minute i saw the yellow light lit up from the modem, i HAMMER the 'start' button on my laptop and woooo, i get to online for 30 sickening minutes ==''

my ghost picture..ahahaha..
anyway, last week was the first week i drove to school ALONE! woo, and for the first time i get to fetch my friends go eat curry mee..ahaha, ann tan drove like a maniac..and just last friday, i drove myself to Alor star mall for a movie.. DANG, the whole place like a fish market. i don't think i can even spot anyone because everybody looks like everybody.
and oh yeah, then i realize, SASA grand opening over there.
but i didn't scream and ran ammock to there =='' not that serious case yet.
then we both bought PURPLE SHIRTS together!! bwahaha

just a picture of my hair.
anyway, another two weeks to my PENANG TRIP with me friends!!!
first time going like an adult nia..just hopefully they don't postpone it at the last moment. yar, i super hate changes de..
so i'm anticipating (on the other hand try not to expect because i always know expectation hurts)


tadaaa!,my four freakish fugly face!
anyway, i receive one freaking good news last two nights when my piano teacher appear (like from magic, poof! out from smoke) and told me i got MERIT in my piano Grd8..
i was like
seriouslY? this concludes everything between the difference between male and female examiners. dang! ahahaha
anyway, i had started studying (only when it's tuition-free) day
trying to fit myself from the marathon (even though some sort of 'drugs' make me fat and chubby)

this is a lame blogpost anyway..

31 days!


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