Thursday, August 23, 2012

Penang trip with friends

 Woots~ this is my first EVER trip without adults tagging along..haha..but i'm gonna be a young adult soon after one month! So our trip started at 6.45pm where everybody is surprisingly ON TIME, while Miss Ann came 'a bit' late thinking that nobody in the right mind would come ON TIME..
guess i was wrong, coz Jesslyn meow at me..hahaaha..
we head on to Butterworth for breakfast first. thinking that there will be plenty of empty seats in the bus (since there's only 24 of us in a 44 seats bus)
but it look full after all, (maybe we're too big size to sit in a school bus)
aiik, i like this beach shot!!!! hahahaha..thanks bok bok for the 'profesional shot"
anyway, Miss Ann ate only roti bakar (toasted bread) at butterworth and then off we go to Queensbay. we were half an hou early over there and it was like waiting for a chicken to lay egg for the shop to open.
*waiting waiting waiting*
shopping was a rush though. i spent quite some time in Kitschen busy choosing shirt for somebody who kept complaining complaining this not nice, that not nice, dont want dont want..hahaha.

Me and Shireen
After spending on a two shirts(kitschen), and a sunglasses at Brands Outlet
Then we went to Sakae Sushi to eat for lunch and off we proceed to Gurney.
At Gurney i bought one GIRLY wallet from Vincci Accessories coz i kept receiving comments on my wallet. There are at least five people that thought my wallet belongs to a guy and their eyes go like this ---> O.O when they realize it's my wallet. ==''
i know i know, girl's should had long clutch type of wallet, pink in colour, had lace, had frills, and had hugs and kisses all over their purse.
so i bought one brown clutch ....=_=

 At Sakae Sushi~~
Then i went over to my alltime favourite accessory shop, FOURSKIN.
i did mention that the brand is from Singapore right? and i got TWO hairband with ribbons on it again. i counted in my whole ribbon collection, i have more than 20 hairbands and headbands. heee~~
at the beach with the babes~
anyway, after that we went to chatime to get our milktea. *slurp slurp slurp*
and off we go to the beach at Batu feringgi. we were all changed to our shorts. I turn up with this top to bottom Kitschen singlet and shorts. the side of my tube is not enough to cover the side of my body though, so i went out of the changing room looking soo out of place.
then someone is kind enough to gimme their shirt and i wore it till i reach the beach~~

 Pose it babes!

 We had fun photoshooting at the beach! wooo
then after that we went to Autocity, We waste about 30 minutes debating on which restaurant we're going to eat our dinner. Bak kut teh, don't want.
the taiwan cuisine too many people
we're sick of sushi
we went in to another shop and that person tell us we had to sit outside.
so in the end after 45 minutes, we settle down at Swensens.
DANG, my group of babes order the food until cannot finish. THeir bills came up to 200 plus. My main motive to go Swensens and eat their awesome icecream.
I shared banana boat with my friend
and in the end =='' we couldn't finish it..
Bring the boys out!
after eating, i had only 30 minutes left until my parents come and pick me up from Autocity to fetch me back to Penang Airport to pick up my sister and her boyfriend.
I wonder what i miss out at the journey back home though..

One last picture ~
all the pictures are memories
all the memories are priceless
we share, we've been through

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