Thursday, August 9, 2012

Funny Face

if she truly loves you~
she wouldn't care if you eat like you haven't eaten for three days
if you have mouth so big you can eat one whole doughnut with one bite
if you make disgusting jokes
if you are short and look like you're 12 years old
if you are unable to lift her up
if you have pimples as much as her
if you constantly poke fun of her
if you constantly purposely make her jealous

if he truly loves you
he wouldn't care if you have bad skin condition.
if you are not mature enough and needs people to take care of
if you keep demanding for more even though you had enough
if you are not capable of anything
if your shoe annoys him and your water stinks.

owkay, so i had another one week to my penang and cruise trip.
shopping without a shopping list is pointless.
so i guess my priority is to get an Ipanema sandals
and then look for something nice to wear on the cruise (something that looks good when the wind blows) woo~

so later i'm going back to perlis to take my reward money from some association.
last tuesday me, Bok bok, low and Esther went to this food shop call double happiness? and guess what i saw there. A GROUP OF MY PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS!!!! WOOO~~ i haven't seen them for 6 freaking years and it really shocks me to see them there..
and then someone say i'm practically a kampung girl, coz whatever shit place also i don't know. haha..i seriously don't know where is where though ..==''

So these are the pictures where you can see how exactly my face shape is. ROUND and flat like roti canai.
MPU night is coming up, just as i thought it would be something grand like prom night at a hotel ballroom, they go and change the whole venue to the school hall
time to perform ? haha...i guess..
just hope everything would turn up well though..


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