Thursday, August 30, 2012

Star Cruise Libra to Phuket and Krabi

behind us is the swimming pool of the cruise. 10 years ago, i sat on Gemini cruise and after 10 years, here i am at Libra. The biggest ship is Virgo though which cost a fortune but worth dining (look at the interior inside, its' like a palace!)
anyway, i spent all the time eating and eating.They had three restaurants inside the ship. One is Four Season: western cuisine (buffet)
Oriental Palace:Chinese cuisine (not buffet)
and international cuisine which is buffet style too
four meals a day, all FREE  >w<
so you can imagine how fat i had grow sideways after the four days trip.
i gain 2 kg in four days!!

trying on a big sun hat in one of the stall in Phuket. I like Phuket more than Krabi despite the fact that arrgH! it rains! we couldn't get to see the beach after all!but the bus let us off at Robinson and a few others shopping malls conjoined together. the whole place is like breath taking~ sooo many god damn people and sooo many nice things to se..
anyway, after that the bus took us along the beach (it is still rainging T.T) and we get to see the view outside. is all infested with cacausians, pubs, cafes and all sorts of stuff that you would like to stroll along.
but its raining..duh!

this is at Krabi.
we didn't get to see much of Krabi though, its more like Langkawi and Phuket was more like Penang (in comparision on how distinct it was)
we went to this so called famous thai restaurant and the portion was soo incredibly small, but the food was okay though..
hee, krabi= NOTHING

what i wore to Krabi
the first time i wore something stringless outside. haha..i spent most of the time pulling up the top of my dress and goodness, don't i feel incredibly uncomfortable wearing it.
now people couldn't imagine how a cruise trip would be. they couldn't picture that each room had a toilet inside. They couldn't picture how four people can squeeze into one room.
haha..just go on to the cruise and see for yourself. they have 9 floors, but one day i would want to go on Virgo. it is twice the size of Libra, so it's a hell lot bigger!

and on the last night of the cruise there is such thing call GALA DINNER where everybody must turn up wearing formal dresses to DINE WITH THE CAPTAIN. No slippers allow and all that, and you had to choose between whether you want oriental food or western food.
we choose western and i can barely get myself eat any of all those.
when you say western , asian people would just picture chicken chop, pasta and all that, but no, this time it was PURE western, arrgh,my taste receptor turn down most of the food. (i will introduce the food later in my blog)

 At premium Outlet : COffee box, their waffle is sooooo soft and scrumptous that..wooo~~~ i want more ..i want more!!!!
tried to camwhore with my parents..haha..guess dad is not really that pro in posing..heee

the big night, i didn't get to bring my heels though, couldn't contain.

One epic moment.That is the Star Lounge where there will be entertainment inside. There will be band performance, crew performances, magic show, and oh yeah, there is also sexy adult show for those above 18 ==''
There is also disco night (no age limit! but alcohol won't be serve to those under 18) the first night was: Coyote night (sexy girls)
second night was: Student party night. ( i went there and saw a bunch of crew members dressing up in skimpy uniform )
third night was : Glamorous night.
and there is also Karaoke lounge  up at the poolside.

 the view in Oriental Palace.

the first day on cruise, they had barbecue day~ goodness! they practically THROW UP all the food on earth. One one corner there are all the barbecue stuff you can think off. Big prawns, beef, chicken, fish, whatever meat you want.
in one corner you had all sorts of cakes: black forest, carrot cake, vienna brownies, fruit cake, chocolate mousse, about ten types of cake for you to dig in
in another corner is the assorted buns: poppy seed, french loaf (there are about 8 types there but i can only identify 2 ..haha)
in another corner is the noodle station
in another is the NYONYA food
In another is the fried rice, vege and all that
all you can eat..
anyway, the food was great, it keep you fill up and something you would look forward to.
but the performance seem a bit lacklustre using the same performers over and over again. they also make full use of the crew members. One minute i saw the MC of the show become our receptionist, another minute i saw the same person tend to our food, another minute i saw the exact same person tend to our tour outside.
so i suggest you guys go FREE and EASY outside and not be fool by those packages on your promotion paper.


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