Friday, July 27, 2012

Form six freedom

weee~ got Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer behind me lerh! hahaha
anyway, last saturday we went to the oprhanage as a project work for the scout's society. So right after BM tuition, all of us gather at dad's tuition centre wearing all sorts of Kolej colour t-shirt. we practically block the whole pathway for people to cross and we were talking animatedly about where on earth are we going to have lunch at.
somebody so sick until suggest KFC , and yeah, off we go ==''!!!

so as usual, i sit dan dan's car with shu ping and xin tong..hee hee..
right, so practically i have a bit of camwhore session using dan's phone, cuz i love the front camera~~
anyway, the best thing in Kolej was that i get to go out with my friends on Tuesday and Wednesday just to eat lunch.
the cons are that i can never save enough during the end of the week, because we keep going out for food, until there is no other place for us to go and eat!
i suggest eating the school's grass for my next lunch just to save a few bucks

anyway, my parents bought a second hand atos car for me already! it was sooo in tip top condition, but sadly, it is MANUAL. i thought i am smart enough to learn it again (i thought it was just like swimming. you stop swimming for five years, and you continue swimming, you still turn into a mermaid) but i was wrong for driving. after months of driving the auto car, i am like a dead log driving the manual car
THANK god mummy loves the car very much and she's going to exchange her car with mine!
weeeeee~~~~~~ *jump jump jump*

 oh yeah, this was the second week at school. yar, just 2nd week and we OMEGA girls and boys are called to stand outside for not coming down for assembly on time ==''
can you spot miss ann at the front row? no? yes? and somebody took a 'nice' shot of us.. LOL!!!
anyway, there are a lot of love affairs going on in school now. maybe it's the summer heat that turn on everybody. i counted, 8 pairs! within one month, pop 8 within next year, everybody will paired up with each other? *ann tan's theory of the year*

this is the chinese medicine that i've been drinking for the past few days.
mmmm, anybody want to have a few sips? no?
hahaha..somebody told me to stop eating eggs because it is one of the factor that causes pimples. EGGS?!?! give up my one and only source of food? T.T
but i'm going to reduce eating it anyway to work together with someone...
Together we shall fight off zits and acne and volcanoes!

scene of the week: i've never seen somebody eat sooooo much fried rice in my entire life. he ate the WHOLE bowl..(wait corrections, it's not a bowl, it looks like the size of a rice cooker)


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