Friday, July 6, 2012

Love is when it's raining

 a guy who really likes you
will remember the things you told him
will remember your schedule, even though you forget it yourself
will inform you his whereabouts so that you don't worry
will wish you goodnight before he falls asleep
will sneak a peek at you
will accompany you when you're alone
will put you first before anyone else
will go to sleep when you want to sleep
will sent you multiple texts when you don't reply
will accept you for who you are.
( :
and for that, i was touched (':

 Me, with my Omega class friends at ebox having a time of our lives!
a girl that really likes you
will grin like a pig when she sees you
will give her food to you so that you stop being hungry
will hug your jacket pretending that you're there
will walk past your class just to catch a glimpse of you
will remind you to eat your meals
will worry if you're hungry, sick, or moody
will put you as her first priority
will want occasional hugs to make sure you're there for her
will love you for the way you are

anyway, it's been raining all day~ my clothes keep going to the laundry but none of them come back because it is sooo hard to get dry.
i've been feeling soooo much better now.
is it because they change of weather changes the form of luck for me?
Upm result is coming out soon by this week (i guess)
there is a great posibility that this week may be my last week at Kolej.

 aiyark, they act cute~ ahahaha
maybe outside people will judge me right now.
i know, but i don't give a damn anymore.
i think it's right, and i think time cannot be wasted
so i jump into conclusion
and i will not give a damn on what others will think
i'm happy with it ^^ so why cover, right?
<3 <3 <3

aiyeerr, miss ann tan striking a senget pose and if you're wondering whose backside is that, ahaha, it is miss shireen yong who never know i got a blog full wif her pictures ==''
dress i'm wearing : French Connection (FCUK)

LOL..Kuan cin looks like he is pole dancing with his YIIIII smile..
anyway..i love the rain.. at least the weather make my skin slightly better (not that vast difference yet, even though my mum had been feeding me with bottles and bottles of chinese meds)
walking hand in hand , with an umbrella, is another one of my favourite ^^
if there's a chance, i would like the rain to replace the mistletoe, ( if you know what i mean. try to think  of it properly if u don't know how to interpret what i'm trying to say)

tadaaa..the group..tudioh..shi yun even took off her shoe and sit on the floor like a boss!
and therefore, i mark the date
4th of July

she allows you in
don't break it
her heart is fragile
but she saw the light in ur eyes
god closes one door
and opens another


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