Friday, July 20, 2012

The evolution of my hair

this is my 2008 picture where i did rebonding at KL and have really long hair down over my chest.

 and then i went to Kimarie @ Time Square to get a haircut and i look like lion king back then. HAHA...anyway, looking back at this look, i hated it sooo much now. Haha..XD
then i did something bad and my mum cut my hair off to chin-length. Yes, THAT short!! i didn't want to go out of the house for weeks! it was a pain to see my hair sooo straight short ! then just before entering 2009, i get a semi-boy cut at Kimarie @ time square again. XD
yar, you can't imagine that, i know, no pictures here, though~
then i did rebonding again around March when my hair grows to shoulder length.
pictures? haha...
well, i got a few back at my old post though. go view my ugly self and had a good laugh! XD

then i went to get a Perm at Kennyik during the year 2010. During the beginning, the curl sucks though, but as my hair started to grow, the curl looses and looked like that (above)
yar, and i manage to make it grow REAL long over my chest again, and then my hand become itchy and went for a haircut at kennyik again during the year 2011!

tadaa!!!damn short right?!
but i did a smart move after months of regretting. My hair grew into fluffy natural wave instead of tangled up curl or stick straight!

of course the process was hard, your hair looked like a bunch of towel being rolled up.

but after a few months, i managed to get my hair looked exactly like how i wanted.

and then my fringe started to become really long. it was a bit annoying each time u tilt your head forward and your fringe will drop at your eye blocking your view, but it definetly make me look older.

i love flipping my fringe to the opposite side to create this kind of poof look .

and back then, i do not have pimples on my forehead ==''
this is an UNPUBLISHED photo of me ..heee, i didn't want to upload it back then because my face look so round here.

my hair falls into the oily category. i washed my hair once in two days, but it will usually turn out like a grease ball on the second day. i remember that i was ONE of the reason why i go and cut my long fringe off, becuase once it turn oily, it's unbearable to look.

Everytime i wash my hair, the wave of my hair tends to varies each day, so it was a surprise all the time. The picture above was one of those 'special' day where i am able to have it that curly without doing anything to it.

flipping my fringe to the opposite side again

 oh yeah, somebody told me that they seldom see me wear shorts.
well, i'm atcually girly no matter how many times i try to correct my gooey gooey style.  But well, here's one of the pic ~

when i tie my hair, it is this length. I wonder hw i look like now if i hadn't cut my hair back then..
anyway, i totally hate this straight lacklustre good for nothing hair.
it's just ..
i don't know why i ALWAYS cut my hair after my hair reaches over chest length.

okay, if i ever had any intentions to cut my hair again, please stop me, chop my hand and tie me to the tree !
i don't want to keep regretting and regretting over the same mistake again and again



  1. after u post this then u chop it?!?... ==
    just wondering, what was the 'bad' thing that u did? :p

  2. ahahaha...bad thing arh..i steal to go out lol..>w<


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