Friday, July 13, 2012

You make me smile

 i've been smiling...and grinning...and smilling...and GLEE~~~~XD
This morning, me and my whole group of classmates went to eat breakfast after tuition. i felt like a real grown up going to breakfast with a whole group of peers. i sat Dan's car and vrroooomm off we goo~~~~~
so there are ten of us trying our best to fit into one round table..hahaha!
Dan sent me back like a real gentleman and i LEFT my MUM's BREAKFAST! in HIS CAR!! *faint* (poor mummy not only have to wait till 11.30 to eat breakfast, but had to miss it)
luckily i didn't dumb dumb go back empty handed... 

 try saying "yiiiii" and this is what you would look like (above)
anyway, dad had already called his friend to look up an Atos car for me in KL (i have no idea why had to go until sooo far to buy a second hand car=='')
dad make a deal, i have to pay 17% (there goes my salary >w<) and i will be able to get the car registered under my name..

blur face..
i cannot imagine going through form six (now that i know my hope of getting away from there is NEVER going to happen)
BM sucks..we suppose to learn how our voice box looks like, how our tongue need to be placed just to pronounce one particular word...i'm like studying how to use my voice box and all the while through tuition, i and my friends are exercising our mouth (up down, round and round, right and left, side to back)
it'll be no surprise if one of us had cramps on our mouths...
have any of you notice how the cow chew the grass?
yar, i look like that each time i try to UNDERSTAND what the book is atcually trying to convey..

 yar, its you! no, don't look back at that person behind you..coz i'm pointing AT you~~
anyway, haha, i've been driving alone all the time now and i realize i l ALWAYS curse at road users. AHAHAHAA..

"Yoorr~ uncle, what are you doing? your grandfather's road arh?"
"fffff, what are you trying to do? eat eat eat my road!you so hungry, you go eat other thing larh!"
"OI, cannot see me behind you wan meh!? my grandma drive faster than you lol!"
"eh, excuse me larh, you don't have eyes to see arh? no eyes also use your brain larh"
sorry larh, i know i suddenly sound like a bad ass girl ..
>< but better than acting up like a real lady , why cover your real self right?
there, now you see my true colour..don't let me curse you can ady (be it on the road or anywhere)

my brown hair? hahahaha..
happy happy happy
happy happy happy

nah! this is the pillow i keep hugging everynight to sleep.
i can't SLEEP without it..
you take away it, i strangle you with my bare hands!
*evil laugh*

thanks for breakfast and the ride yar...


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