Monday, July 9, 2012

I don't wear contact lenses

it's a school day and here i am sitting infront of my lappie facebook-ing and blogging.
Yesterday something EPIC happen at school. A guy from my class took the initiative to atcually 'propose' to a girl from my class too. (i may not state names just in case they do not want to publicize it)
the whole class went from noisy to Night Market noisy. ==''
they were cheering, they were exclaiming AAWwWWH~ and OOOoooh~
ahahaha..definetly the best thing that ever happen to a girl, because she is DEFINETLY going to remember this for the rest of her life though.

So of course, the girl accepted it and we girls are all sooo gooey gooey over it.
Definetly make Miss Ann envy ..haha XD
I shall be patient and wait with a long neck.
anyway, i'm getting a hell lot of freedom recently. Just last friday, mummy atcually allow me to drive alone to alor star mall (despite the fact that she's miles away at Perlis) it make me feel like a total grown up, that i could possible stand on the empire state of building and roar.

 anyway, Vivi Malaysia (english edition) is up! right now hot trend that i love love very much is the Peplum dress!!!
i shall blog about it later if you don't know what is Peplum.
It's just soooo cute!!! ADORABLE...aaargh, can't wait to get my hands on it.
so here's my clothes wish list
  • peplum dress
  • lace beige socks
  • white oxford shoes
  • lots of crop shirts
 kay, my school days had been a total exciting whole lot of events.
somebody sick also come to school, ==''
somemore bring weird fruits for me to eat..

i went through the old camera and saw this! kesian my sister, celebrating her birthday with a miserable un-birthday cake, and nobody bothers to upload this pic of hers! ahaha..
i just put it up to show how kesian she is..

my blog is sooo stiff..
i changed two profile pictures in two minutes
this proof how BORED i am..



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