Friday, July 27, 2012

Self timer model shot

am having fun camwhoring for one hour and 15 minutes today just to get a few shots. =='' and finally i got the pic that i want (above) an 'action' shot where you can see the skirt is atcually flying. ain't easy to get the right timing though~
so anyway, puasa started just last week and dang! we were force to go down to the canteen to have our breakfast. ain't easy to climb up four flight of stairs everyday, y'know, expecially someone as fatigue as me.

 i love to explore different i was thinking of what else can i do other than posing while standing like a pole. this is the first time i atcually lay flat on the floor just to capture an epic picture.i tell you, it ain't easy with the angle. face too back and you look like you're a squashed bun
face too front and your face look soo huge, they thought somebody box u
face too side and you may ended up looking like you've just got a stroke or smthing

 yup, this is what i said, angle problem. i should have crop half of my picture.
and oh yeah, spot the mole on my right arm?
yup, i've gotten a few slaps and stings from friends thinking that it was a fly or maybe some little aliens had landed on my arm

anyway, i will look forward taking more pictures of me lying flat on the floor
(just hopefully i don't meet the three cockroaches from Oggy and the cockroaches)

Top: Zara
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoe: Aldo
Bow: got it free as a performing outfit back in 2006

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