Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spell B.O.R.E.D

Gud ol'mate
Spent four days in a remote area, with a lake beside my house and nobody among us.. 
my mum had been pouring food all over the place and i've only been there coz it's a food haven over there...and a big TV for me to drool on...i spent three days watching 10 movies..
and i finally get to see PIRAHNA at JMALL...that person didn't bother letting in small kids who hadn't got a clue what is the word 'Pirahna..'

The movie ROCKS man...and i finally get it why they rate it 18 above..
1. A lot of BODIES with girls wearing bikinis that hardly cover
2. a production crew were featured to film a porn show on the boat
3. swear words and obscene remarks
4. Gory galore that make my mother sick
5. girls dirty dancing
6.violent and totally brain damaging
7. ugly images of that monster
8. sent you a message not to put your foot in the water next time you went skinny-dipping
the story: so- so
visual: walau
Gory moment: AWESOME
This is what happen when you're in a house with no musical instruments, no books, no friends, no shopping malls and a malfunctioning keyboard...
so, i watched
1.Pirahna (five stars)
2.vampire suck (too stupid to rate)
3.Transfomer (seriously, i hadn't watch it before)
4. Just follow law (watched it for 5 times)
5.Madagascar (kept repeating)
6.Saving Milly (really heart-warming..should watch to flood the whole house)
7.Epic movie (as stupid as Vampire suck)
8. Wallace & Gromit (sooo adorable)
9. The Goonies (very very old show)
10. Resident Evil 4 (AWESOME SHOW!!!!)
so i'm going to give a review about this heart-warming movie call SAVING MILLY
it's good for families who had suffer from Parkinson disease..
dyou know Michael J.Fox? he's from Spin City and he got pull out because he suffer from Parkinson disease..he uses a patient story to turned into a movie call SAVING MILLY..
This woman, suddenly suffer from this disease and her husband never never never leave her alone...NEVER..and till her dying death, he still cling on to her and say 'i love you'..the woman had never been doing any sin things and she had to suffer..the process of seeing her in pain, struggling to talk, to's really a pain...

I was so sad that no one had really paid any attention to this disease until a celebrity got it himself..he produce this movie to create awareness among all of us..i've witnessed myself one man who got Parkinson disease..he's my dad's friend at Klang..and he had to live with medicine all his life...
i didn't know he is able to live that long, i still see him everywhere..if you didn't eat this medicine, you shiver, shake and become really uncomfortable...if you eat it, it will over control you and you become very anxious and dad's friend walk with his hand twisting, turning, and mouth twitching each's because of his medicine that causes him to be tooo over active that he must move each hour, one pill...
There's a way to cure it, is to take your brain stem cell and sort of clone it...yes...but the government never approve that doing that means there will be human cloning next generation..anyone watch Resident Evil? is exactly what would happen if things go wrong..
erm...i forgot this little fellow name ady..he always remind me of a yellow banana
i have to make myself promise that by tomorrow...TV-OFF...
ha, i still don't know what would happen to my account folio..
leave it be? or study first?
my fringe is coming to a state where it is very very nuisance...
one word of advice..
will not regret...
and ignore the rated 18 above..
it's just violent..
no body parts revealing
not even a slight *muah* on the cheek or lips..
X free..


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