Saturday, September 11, 2010

The RAYA rush...

bloody computer..hang soooooo LONG!!!
Went to KL..first motive is to carry my sis's stuff to her coz she had started working..and her office is right NEXT to 1utama..think about all the shopping galore over there..hungry hungry..hadn't been to Bukit Bintang since the start of this year...can you imagine that? ever since we decided to stop staying at hotels and rather save our money and spend the nights at my aunt place at Kepong..1U had been the only place i kept'' i need to file a complaint againts this..anyone had documents for disatisfaction?

we shop, eat till night and my dad is like a blind mouse after it reaches dark..he can't identify his way after dark, everything looks like a black wall to, we get completely lost, rounding around and around the whole PJ..and the traffic there...HORRIBLE..when i say it can kill a walking tortoise, i was can kill a hopping kangaroo...
ha..use my cousin's hair shampoo..didn't know it turn out so well on curls..
we wanted to go watch Pirahna at Jusco..and that ticket seller didn't want to to sell it to my sister, she told her that only above 18 are allow to watch...why soooo strict??? I can still watch THE EXPANDABLE wearing a pacifier at AS...well, can't blame her anyway..i should have bought the Ticket sister looks like a twelve year old anyway...

my aunt house had EIGHT hamsters and one Shih tzu...the whole family went back to Perlis, so i had to feed the poor starving eight hamster who didn't know how to feed themselves..seriously, there were food all around their houses and they didn't even bother eating it..i have to take one bit by bit, putting it into their mouth and watch them swallow...
i had learn one thing from that day onward..
i didn't know hamsters are stupid...

the traffic was horrible!!! i must salute my father for driving like a real KL driver..and yeah, we completely lost our way over and over again...if only we live in Bukit Bintang..things will be much more easier...hrm, i thought i had loads of things to say about this post..but it turn out that i had nothing much to say...

when things get too bored...

not much of a holiday right?
when i think about my year end exam coming soon after three weeks, i will always freak out, run to my room and hug my teddy bear..
except that my teddy bear didn't have a nose, one eye and no mouth..
and oh yeah, it had a huge huge huge hole at the back of it's back...
anyone want to volunteer to sew that poor fellow back??



  1. XD i volunteer myself to sew your poor teddy. btw, i hateeeee your word verification thingy >_< i always thought i commented d

  2. if like dat, i derno ppl got comment me bo...really? *EYES BOGGLING*

  3. agreee with annick! haha
    ann; thats zaraa whoaaa

  4. but its annoyinggggggggg!
    zirah; maybe just the bag? :PPPP


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