Thursday, September 2, 2010


                                                                      BEFORE (WITH BRACES)
      wait, before you atcually scroll down and take a look at my white perfectly in shape braces-less teeth,  i recomend you to read about my daily blog...XD and if you wanna read about how my teeth bleed and turned gory ...DON"T read...because there's none that comes from classic horror film..

so, this had been more like 10 times somebody told me i looked like a korean or either japanese...but both origins are mostly fair ...only my eyes paired into their world...maybe i shud took it seriously and go get some high knee lenght boots, black vest, rocker chick outfit to match their criteria..huh..and took up korea time somebody walks by..i shall mumble something jewish to them

and, i gave Ms Beh (our math teacher) my link to my youtube account..god damn..i hope she's not there to advertise it..i spent 20 minutes talking to her about braces...seriously, the process is URGH...

The wall behind
so lemme talk about my process in the dentist room...first she took off the wiring and the bracket(those square things on the teeth) and started to drill off the cement around my haven't read wrongly..there's CEMENT all over my teeth...and they're drilling it away...just by reading, i can imagine you will squench your eyes, thinking of it..
trust's what the nurse told me..

Nurse: If it's painful or you wanna spit, just put up your hand okay?
Ann: (nodding her head)
Nurse: Don't move your head, don't move your mouth and tongue..this is very sharp..once it touches your mouth, it's going to bleed...
Ann: (wincing...THE SAW Movie kept playing in her head)

So after that drilling thing, they started polishing my teeth...i HATE SCALING! each time it cut trough my gum and my gum turns very very sensitive...until now, brushing my teeth sucks...then she started to apply some milky white liquid all over my mouth..she told me to spit it out after half and hour...and before that, she meausured my teeth..mould it into a model..and asked me to come back during the afternoon to get my retainer...(not false teeth if you wanna know)

Even though i had those patch little things off, i still had to wear a plastic retainer (which you can't see unless you go over and pull my teeth down)...i had to wear it for six damn whole months...i had to brush my teeth with four different types of ways..

First: Normal brushing where normal human uses..
Second: a very very small toothbrush that had a head of a paintbrush? haha
Third:A very sharp pointy toothbrush that normally brushes the gap between your teeth
Fourth: Dental Floss..

Total time Ann in the toilet brushing her god damn teeth: 20 minutes...(pluss rinsing water over my retainer)
Total time Ann in the toilet bathing: 20 minutes (pluss hair shampoo-ing)
total time Ann in the toilet: 40 minutes...

yes...i finally stop writing about Ed Westwick...i stop and bit myself from playing his video again incase this whole blog would be all about him...

2molo going to KL again...hadn't been there for 2 months..
Mega sale there
you'll be seeing me ...oh can't see me with those pile of plastic bags..haha
soooo not funny...

here's my std 3 photo..yes..i'm completely..EEW...right behind me is this shorty version of Chiu Yee...
right now she's towering over me...


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