Thursday, September 2, 2010


SETTING: another Jitra
Okay, so koko had asked us out to watch Puah Chu Kang last saturday and the show is not worth watching..seriously, it's obvious that they lack of modal...Gurmit Singh had to act as his 'ah kong'....and they had to advertise Nippon paint..looks more like a very very long comersial then a real movie...where's Puah Chu Beng? Where's ah Beng? where's his wife??
and the whole cinema, there's only 12 people inside..
(buka puasa marh..aiyoyo)

Had to edit lots and lots of exposure to make sure my sister's middle finger is quite invisible
we stopped by at RungReng( derno how to spell) this famous Thai restaurant in Kedah..and eat and eat and eat..their famous: Tom Yam...sotong..and please don't call their chicken...chicken don't come from seafood, so it's obvious that their chicken is as dry as Sahara Dessert...
hrm, i definetly prefer Jitra Mall's cinema rather then AS Mall..seriously, their screen is way bigger there, and they are more compact...and if you go there during the right time, (when they Buka Puasa) the whole cinema had only 8 people ...we didn't sit according to the number and yeah, we can choose the best seat...XD

Since my sis didn't want to take picture with me..i guess taking photo with her imposter doesn't matter...geddit?? that orange fellow is Ernie...which is my sister, Erny...geddit??
Here's one camera trick my mama taught me...if you wanna make one small item looked larger in front of the camera, put it as near as possible infront of the screen..therefore, Ernie looked twice the size of it's original size...XD
Look what i found at the backseat of my brother's car!!!!!
wait..there's out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's my sister...Look!!! it's the war of CHIP AND DALE!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know my bro would atcually had those huge bug eyes and dinky ears at the back seat of the!!!

Chip and Dale with NO LEGS!!!!and if you hadn't bro chop off Dale's (your right) hair..yes..he atcually chop it off...LOL


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