Thursday, September 23, 2010

My EARLY swt 16 Burp-day

Special thanks to (from left) Shey Hwa, Jia Wen, Xin Ning, me, Sandy, Amal, Chze Yan, Azeerah and Annick (who was sick)

They celebrate my Birthday ealier by 4 days..HA! you might think that they must have got the date wrong but Miss Annick need 2 go KL on Wednesday so they celebrate it on Tueday, manatau she got sick herself..
THEY thought they can surprise me, but...i've already know they're up to something...
and my bday is on the 24th of september by the way, it's tomorrow XD...
Thanks soooo much for the surprise!Last year my friends celebrated in school too, but it was different..i felt that i don't belong with them, that i'm not even close with them..but this year, it's another view..i've grown closer to them through Drama, and the usual visits to their Class next door...if i look back last two years, i will never dream off being that close with them..NEVER..and now, words can be traitors and i feel like i belong ! first time, i belong to a clique of friends...

So, they ask me to make three i made three hoping that either one can easily come true...but it's going to be a fat chance since i don't have anything much to earn in...
no harm writing it down for the whole world to see eh?
first: freedom
Second: Have a chance with J3? hahaha..that's the stupidest wish 
Third: To be Happy...
so, right now i can imagine all my three wishes will 'Puff' disappear right into smoke and never come back..
so, we celebrated at the back of the computer room , and had only 15 minutes to do what we need to do...aww..such a short notice...and yes, all of us are wearing KK clothes, so don't look shock that we dresses like that ..thank you AZEERAH for the wonderful present you gave me...and you didn't give me one! you give me a pair!!! haha,..thank you to everyone for providing me cards and atcually thought of celebrating my bday at school..i didn't remember doing anything nice for you all, so i do feel guilty..
and thank you AMAL for giving me your card too..
(right now computer having kept hanging, and then ok again , and then hang...getting really frusrated now...feel like it's a waste to online today, becasue i can't find any way to do something to it!!!)
Me and Sandy

It's going to be my BDAY SOON!! please don't let me suffer, COMPUTER!!! agrh, sorry, venting my anger here..
Why Why Why...
so i shall end my blog here..
stupid stupid computer


  1. go photoshop one of my pics and add in my face XDD

  2. DON'T WANT.. Bluek XP
    Mr Chan ate the cake with one gulp..
    he must be hungry


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