Thursday, September 16, 2010

Scared a Clown

Flying like a G6
I pity Kayne West ...i watched back the VMA 09 again and i didn't find it that harsh and humilating to Taylor S. What's wrong with you people? okay okay, i know Kayne wrote 'single ladies' for Beyonce and seriously, i think the comotion is just one tiny bit of dust in a bowl of soup..why make such itsy bitsy thing into something as big as armegedon?
Kayne got a huge turn over at his career and i hope you people would just shut up and continue your's over now, so please focus on music and not judge who we're going to idolize...Kayne's songs are way to go..

Thank you, Taylor Swift for writing a song for him..'INNOCENT' is a great song and thank god she wrote it first so people would atcually follow her and forgive Kayne..Put all the past behind..and Kayne..i love your new song 'Runaway.' they even make a review about Eminem's album and wishes that Kayne would atcually start writing song for that guy again ..
Nobody knows that Kayne is atcually behind a lot of hit famous song right? He is everywhere..but after last year incident, all the famous singers went to bauge David Guetta in, they fear Kayne would atcually disrupt their career too...BOO BOO
I'm atcually trying to make a lot of words
cucumber-Choo Choo ber
Occupy- Oak Cute Pie
Porcupine- Poke a pipe
Butterfly- Mutterfly (my next link?)
Pikachu- Peek a chew
December- Dig and burn
Gossip Girl- Gore sip GRRR
My favourite classic cartoon character had always been sylvester cat...surprise eh? i just love love the show..Chip and Dale only looked cute if they aren't acting..haha
okay okay, right now i'm sooo musical influence, that i had to write about SONGS again..
right now, i love this song called G6 (which is going to be my playlist, sorry if it annoys you)
the girl singer (not the long hair) is hot, and the guy (definetly not caucauism) is hot and everybody ...IS HOT In the music video...

OMg....i just saw Justin Bieber who looked like his only 9 years old singing 'Cry me a river' by JT...OMG!!! he's adorable..but wait! i'm still not a Belieber...don't get me wrong...
haha...and KE$ha can sing,'s just that her music doesn't need her to sing that much..the one can't sing is Gwen Stefani but her songs seems great..oh yeah, don't forget Paris Hilton...she had simple songs just to make sure her voice sounds nice and soothing..
FLAT dinner...homemade wholemeal bread, with pizza topping..
I'm bored...
my dinner ...Sulky Boo never get a chance to eat because he really needs that to loose some weight...

okay, i'm so bored when you had nothing to blog about..
here's some fun facts

british man says sausages as 'shoe-say-shers'


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  1. no way. kesha cant sing! gwen stefani can! weirdy ann .__.


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