Thursday, August 5, 2010

DRAMA part one

In for the kill
Me, as Mei Mei and Amal as Fatimah

So, we finally got a real proper bus to sit in, unlike for the past few years, we had to squeeze ourselves in some bus that would loose their tyres after a few turns..So, there were many empty spaces so we decided to call more more supporters..(for god's sake..Keat Hwa had a whole truck full of suporters) But then to my utter amaze, that jerk decided to come along with her precious diamond..I objected it, god knows what would happen on stage..i'll be sooo distracted and boiled up..

Top left: AMal, Jia Wen, me and Xin Ning...XD
Guess the journey there was a bit confusing and blur..Snapping pictures is advisable..this will be our last year in Drama..for mainly all of us, it's our first and the last...But as everyone in the whole entire Daerah Kota Star knows, Convent Drama always set the impression low and never to expect ourselves to get in the top three...but hey, our script is original, we're SPECIAL.
Amal Amal Amal Ann Ann Ann Mei Mei Mei Mei Fatimah Fatimah Fatimah....

heck, do you know what? the moment we saw Keat Hwa came with a whole load of supporters..OMG...i can't differenciate which is the actor/actress or which is which or which gender is which?? haha...but then Kolej came, wearing nothing.........oh wait..that's not what i mean...they're not naked but they didn't wear their costumes...not like us..semangat terlebih..LOL =.=''
Wait..can you guess which is the mother and which is the daughter?
Annick had on a Roxy shoe..Roxy exist during World War Two?
Me with Fatimah's mother, Mak Cik which indian?? that is sooo wrong...!!

White powder on Annick's hair...XD to make her look older ..
Me and Xin Ning...bliss bliss bliss

My darling sister woke up at 6 in the morning to do my make up..note to self: LEARN HOW TO GROW UP!! START TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE UP!
HAR! wonder where we get this costume from? My Darling mum lent it to me  and Annick is wearing one of hers too! People would be wondering where on earth will my mum wear it to..

So , That's just the beginning part..we waren't supposed to be up on stage till after break so we got hell lot of time to waste our time..Azeera's Roxy bag went missing and we were searching high and low for it..ROXY bag, man...and before that she even offered me to lent me her ZARA dress...
it's ZARA for god's sake..Ann will be damn hungry after that blast..

wait for part two ,
be patient
tsk tsk..


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