Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pick a cucumber

Choo-Choo Ber

"i am ...MRS WEstwick.."
people! laugh your head off ..

oKay okay..i keep watching his pictures, keep watching his slideshows..keep hearing him singing...don't get it wrong..i'm not talking about a random person that exist in Alor Star..
he is way far away from my continent...
He is of course, no other, but Ed Westwick..i LOVE him..OBSESSED with him..CRAZY over him..and one day...I will MARRY him..
ha! in my dreams...
  1. He make my heart beat extremely fast each time i look at him (through the screen)
  2. He is hot, gorgeous, hot, good looking and hot (can i say that agaiN?)
  3. He has a pair of seductive eyes (the main reason why i had the hots for him) 
  4. He was once in a band
  5. he is only 23, (not too old for me..haha)
  6. He is not CHUCK BASS (yeap, he and JEssica had been an item for 2 years before breaking up)
  7. He is an ENGLISH man..(hear the accent, baby)
  8. He is not that freaking tall (173cm.)
  9. His eyes his eyes his eyes10.His everything...(except his hairy chest..Nah-uh am i going to see him half naked without a shirt)
Mummy made the cake, i decorate it with creams, biscuits stick and oreo ..again..

Mum had made an appointment with the technician to take my braces off...this coming tuesday..WALAU!! imagine, you had been living three years with that braces, and now it's going to depart with you...It sure feels like one of my legs got amputated then...

can you imagine me being without braces, smilling like a baboon? (without a red backside of course)
haiz, no more getting tease by people about my 'PAGAR' more getting a freaky smile by the ice-cream man infront of the more getting magnetic attracted to my hairpin more getting the trouble to brush my teeth more getting glee-ing at people with DEMI LOVATO's big mouth, no more..

how sad....


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