Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make a wish

We'll be a dream...
Close up..
Exam just ended and i wasn't surprise that the marks are higher then Mid year..We had been stressing around Drama...I don't know why are they soo tensed up..i admit that we waren't that prepare for everything but we're going there not to compete, we are going there to show our best and make the best of what we can do.

I wish...I had my own hopes
life without anything to look forward
is meaningless.
might as well be dead then..

I knew it! i knew this would happen one day! When everyone's in different classes, friends will never remain the same forever..I knew it! but why am i not prepared? WHY?? i have to accept the fact that life last year is not going to be t.. i met a new clique of friends..thank you for the link and friend web they gave mehe same this year..with different surroundings, i met a new clique of friends but it takes time to atcually had that bond...
 my old friends..*sigh*
i will have to let you all go then left me speechless..
my foot..

can someone decipher me?
i asked my friends to imagine what will happen one day if all of us are twins? it'll be sooo cool, no more loneliness, an extra friend, another shoulder to cry on and no more mirror..I'll be sooo happy if i am able to have a twin me..but it'll be a pain to others right? Who wanna see double Ann shrieking out in stress at class? who wanna see double Ann sulking in the corner?
Who wanna hear Double Ann talking in third person?

I am a solid box
but i have feelings of remorse
Don't you dare say you know me
coz even i can't even see

If only i'm prepared
then i am able to face reality..
avoiding is never a result
but how could you??
You're not a human
You're a monster
blind people can't see you like i did before
but i can now


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